Kim Seon Ho First Advertisement Reflects His Rising Popularity After “Start-Up”

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In the ongoing drama, “Start-Up” handsome Kim Seon Ho has dominated many fan’s hearts from his role “Ha Ji-Pyeong”. He completed his first-ever advertisement photoshoot and had an interview with Esquire Korea.

In an interview he shared about the experience, “I was really nervous, but thankfully it ended successfully.” He continued, “At first, I was so stiff that I thought my neck was going to break, but I gradually grew more comfortable,” explaining that he was so nervous because it was his first time even meeting advertisers.

He talked about his current drama “Start-Up,” revealing that he chose the project because he was a fan of previous dramas by writer Park Hye Ryun and director Oh Choong Wan. he said “I Just thought of taking on a project created by them made me nervous, but the script was also beautiful. It was a story with a fairytale-like beauty, yet it was also realistic. I wished to be a part of this picture, so I said that I want to do it.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not on set but actually living in Sandbox. I have become immersed, and sometimes it makes my heart race, so watching the drama has become a driving force for me.” He added.

The interviewer mentioned that some actors don’t like to watch their own dramas, to which Kim Seon Ho replied, “I wasn’t able to watch my own dramas at first either. I felt like my face looked weird, my facial expressions and tone seemed awkward, and I didn’t seem to fit in with the other characters. To be honest, I still don’t like my acting at all. However, if my acting felt excessive for example, I can figure out which aspect was too much.”

He further elaborated “I think I should never lose composure as an actor. If I’m too hyper when filming, I might be unable to show that scene’s important purpose or essence. On the other hand, if I’m feeling too down, I wouldn’t mesh with the other actors, so the scene might be unnatural. That is why I always try to maintain composure, so it helps to watch my dramas and think, ‘Why was I like that then?’ or ‘What was the situation like on set then?’ I’m still learning, so such monitoring is necessary.”

When the interviewer complimented about his good looks he responded “I’m honestly not handsome although I am very thankful that you say that…like Nam Joo Hyuk is someone who is very attractive. When I first saw him, I thought he came straight out of a manhwa (Korean comic book). There are so many other handsome people.”

In the interview, Kim seon ho was also asked about his past dramas receiving spotlight these days. He answered, “I recently heard from a ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4‘ writer that a YouTube clip from my drama ‘You Drive Me Crazy‘ surpassed 10 million views, so I checked, and it was true. I felt happy because it’s a good thing that a short drama I was a part of can give joy to someone, so I texted the director for the first time in a while, and I watched it all day.”

On his skyrocketing popularity, he explained, “I don’t really feel the response because I’m just busy filming all the time these days. However, when directors and senior actors who I previously worked with or friends contact me to say I’m doing well, it’s really heart-fluttering and makes me feel good.”

Kim Seon Ho Interview

It has been reported that the actor will be starring in the upcoming tvN drama called “Link”.

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