Lovely Runner Receives High Ratings

The ongoing Korean drama, ‘Lovely Runner’, is breaking all the records by captivating the audiences’ hearts and reaching its personal best rating because of the charming cast, gripping storyline and chemistry between the main leads.

By Dhwani Joshi
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Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner, starring Byeon Woo-Seok as Ryu Sun-Jae and Kim Hye-Yoon as Im Sol, follows the story of a famous idol and his fan, but there is a twist, they are somehow connected through a past. The story takes a turn when Im Sol after hearing the tragic news of Ryu Sun Jae’s demise, is transported 15 years back when she was in high school. 



According to the most recent report, tvN's 'Lovely Runner' is seeing an increase in ratings on Mondays and Tuesdays. According to Nielsen Korea, the show received a remarkable average nationwide rating of 4.5 percent, up 1.1 percent from the previous episode and setting a new personal record.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this drama is its plotline surrounding the lives of Korean idols. The drama revolves around the theme of the bullying and trolling that Korean celebrities face these days and which has led to many tragic deaths in the recent years. Another thing that netizens noticed is the striking resemblance between Ryu Sun-Jae and the Astro’s Moon Bin, who took his own life in 2023 due to online bullying.


People also like this drama because of the amazing chemistry between the main leads. 2023 has also been the year of dramas surrounding the theme of time travel, netizens have really accepted the theme, and hence this drama has also garnered attention. Another reason why people like this drama is because every fan has dreamed of having their favourite idol falling in love with them, and all the fangirls are living their dreams through Im Sol.

Lovely Runner 2

As of today, ‘Lovely Runner’ has released 8 episodes, and so far the storyline is quite interesting with good ratings, we just hope it continues to do the same  

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