Acquaintances Reveal Truth About Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri's Relationship Amid Media Play Criticism

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Lee Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol

Acquaintances Reveal Truth About Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri's Relationship Amid Media Play Criticism.

The K-drama world is abuzz with speculation and criticism as actor Ryu Jun Yeol finds himself at the center of a "love triangle controversy." Accusations of a "transfer" from ex-girlfriend Hyeri to actress Han So Hee have ignited a storm of public opinion.


The saga began with Hyeri's statement addressing the breakup, revealing that despite officially parting ways in November 2023 after an 8-year relationship, they had continued communication. 

Hyeri: “Last November, reports were published stating that my 8-year relationship was over. The decision to end our relationship wasn’t made quickly, and even after the articles were published, we spoke about further discussing our relationship. However, after that conversation, we have never spoken and have never seen each other. I think when I read the news (of his new relationship) 4 months later, I received the news as Lee Hyeri, the person rather than the actress.

However, news of Ryu Jun Yeol's new relationship with Han So Hee blindsided Hyeri, leaving her feeling betrayed.


Recent reports by TV Daily shed light on the true nature of their relationship, suggesting it had been on the rocks for some time before the official breakup. Sources close to the couple claim they had met only once in the past year, with rumors of their separation circulating as early as June 2023.

The source report says: 

“ They only met up just once in the past year. They both simply put off announcing the breakup. They decided to both take time to think about it in February 2023


It’s not a one-sided breakup. They only met once last year. They had already grown apart. Wouldn’t Hyeri have known that when he said “let’s talk about it more,” it was just a formality? It’s too much to guess that it was a “transfer.”

Criticism has been directed at Ryu Jun Yeol for allegedly leading Hyeri on with false hope, as well as at Hyeri for misinterpreting their ongoing discussions about their relationship. Netizens have expressed disappointment with Ryu Jun Yeol's handling of the situation, accusing him of "media play."




  • There wasn’t even a birthday party, so why are they so obsessed with the month of June? Just stop torturing Hyeri already.

  • Disgusting media play.

  • Who are these “acquaintances?” Why are they shooting their mouths off about other people’s private lives? If they leave things be, things will quieten down LOL.

  • I didn’t even give him a second thought LOL, but he’s such a terrible person. Hyeri, I’m cheering you on!

  • He’s pulling this move?

  • FR, what’s the big deal about June? What’s so important that it keeps getting brought up?

  • Why is he doing so much media play? People will forget, but he’s just reminding us of it again. Makes me support only Hyeri.

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