KBS Drama “Revolutionary Sisters” To Go On One-Week Hiatus Actress Hong Eun Hee Came Into Contact With COVID-19 Patient

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On 13th April KBS 2TV‘s Revolutionary Sisters producer announced that immediately stopped filming, after actress Hong Eun Hee (Lee Kwang Nam) came into contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. They then had the entire cast and crew tested for COVID-19.

Fortunately, the cast and crew’s test results all came back negative, but because Hong Eun Hee came into contact with the patient, she has gone into self-quarantine for safety.

Because this situation arose, KBC released an official statement saying that Revolutionary Sisters will be taking a one-week hiatus, by airing special episodes airing on April 17 and 18 instead of the scheduled Episodes 11 and 12. Episode 11 is scheduled to air on April 24.

Here the KBC’s statment:

“One of the actors in KBS 2TV’s weekend K-Drama Revolutionary Sisters have come into close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. For the safety of our cast and crew, the producers immediately halted filming and the entire cast and crew underwent testing for COVID-19. At the moment, everyone’s results have come back negative.

However, because the actress who came into contact with the confirmed case must go into self-quarantine for two weeks, we have made the unavoidable decision to air special episodes using content from the first 10 episodes of Revolutionary Sisters this week on April 17 and April 18. We plan to air Episode 11 next week.

We will adhere closely to health authorities’ guidelines and pay even closer attention to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, as well as the safety of our cast and crew. Thank you.”

Hong Eun Hee’s agency, Namoo Actors, also released its own statement.

“Recently, a member of Hong Eun Hee’s makeup staff tested positive for COVID-19. Afterward, Hong Eun Hee and everyone else who came into contact with the staff member underwent testing and everyone’s results came back negative.

However, in accordance with government health guidelines, a number of staff members and Hong Eun Hee have gone into self-quarantine.

As a result, her scheduled filming has been temporarily halted. We apologize for giving you cause for concern.

Our company plans to continue to actively adhere to government policies in the future, and we will do our utmost for the safety of our agency’s actors, employees, and staff.”

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