Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS's Suga Reflect on K-Pop's Evolution in Suchwita!

Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS's Suga unravel K-Pop's evolution on Suchwita, contrasting first-gen idols' six-month promotions with today's brief cycles.

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Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS's Suga

Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS's Suga

Uhm Jung Hwa and BTS's Suga delved into the evolution of K-Pop on the latest episode of Suchwita, sharing insights on the stark differences between the first and current generations of idols.


The multifaceted Uhm Jung Hwa celebrated a fruitful year with the success of Netflix's Doctor Cha and participation in the popular reality show Dancing Queens On The Road. Having marked her 30th debut anniversary, the veteran singer is gearing up for a solo concert in December.

During the candid conversation, Suga brought up the striking contrast in promotional cycles, noting that first-gen artists like Uhm Jung Hwa had six-month promotional periods compared to today's three to four weeks. The singer confirmed this, citing her hit song "Poison," which held the top spot for three consecutive months.

Uhm Jung Hwa reminisced about the camaraderie among '90s idols, sharing that after out-of-town performances, artists would gather to socialize, a tradition unfamiliar to Suga, who highlighted BTS's limited interactions during their early years.

Suga expressed difficulty imagining socializing with fellow artists after promotions, a sentiment echoed by Uhm Jung Hwa, who acknowledged the drastic changes in the industry. The conversation shed light on the contrasting eras, aptly labeled by Suchwita's editors as "K-Pop's wild era, where only the strongest survived."

This candid exchange between K-Pop icons reveals the dynamic evolution of the industry, bridging the gap between the first and current generations of idols. Viewers were treated to a unique glimpse into the challenges and camaraderie that defined the early days of K-Pop.

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