Criticism Mounts Against TVN's "Marry My Husband" Over Diverging Plotlines

Criticism grows as TVN's "Marry My Husband" faces backlash for diverging plotlines from the original source material, sparking heated debate among viewers.

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Criticism Mounts Against TVN's "Marry My Husband" Over Diverging Plotlines

TVN's popular K-Drama, "Marry My Husband," finds itself under scrutiny as viewers express disappointment over recent developments diverging from the original source material.


A viral post titled "The Mon-Tuesday Drama That Continues To Get Poor Reviews" sparked widespread discussion among netizens, highlighting concerns over the show's departure from its initial premise.

Audiences voiced discontent with the new plotlines, citing a preference for the original storyline's focus on justice. Many expressed unease with the introduction of controversial elements, including BoA's appearance, which further fueled criticism.

While some defended the series, emphasizing its creative liberties and evolution, the prevailing sentiment among viewers suggests a growing dissatisfaction with the direction of "Marry My Husband." 



  • Even for a soap opera, the story is too much… Why the contract killing when you didn’t even love the person?

  • I stopped watching when the fiancé appeared… Stop twisting the plot.

  • Am I the only one who is enjoying the K-Drama? Lol, it’s fun if you watch it without thinking too much.

  • It’s fun once you understand that the K-Drama is a crazy soap opera lol. 

  • It stopped being fun after Oh Yoo Ra (BoA’s character) came out.

  • I watched it after reading this, and it was fun.

  • It’s trash.

  • Oh Yoo Ra ruined the story.

  • It’s Oh Yoo Ra’s fault. She ruined the show.



As the debate rages on, the show's producers face mounting pressure to address audience concerns and realign the narrative with viewer expectations.


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