Journalist, Who Attributed BTS’s Billboard Chart Success To Manipulation, Accepts Defeat Against BTS ARMYs!

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Tom Breihan, a senior editor at Stereogum recently update his controversial article which was released last week “BTS And Their Fan Army Are Rendering The Pop Charts Useless” that received backlash.

Breihan examined  that BTS started rising on Billboard charts begin with the 2020 GRAMMY-nominated English single, “Dynamite” and ending with their new hit “Butter.”

According to Breihan, fans are the ones who are organizing the efforts to rank BTS on the charts. He thinks that BTS’ aren’t doing any extra things to deserve on the charts.

Stereogum: …But it’s frustrating to see a phenomenon like this inflating the stats, obliterating any sense of accuracy in how we keep these records. [. . . ] Organic popularity, once the driving force behind pop music, barely feels like it exists anymore. Instead, the pop charts are turning into a battlefield for warring stan armies.

Fans and journalists weighed in, disputing Breihan’s claims with counterarguments about what makes music rightfully, organically popular.

Recently today Breihan added follow-up tweets to his post, stating that he was “wrong” to frame the article in a way that painted the Billboard Charts as “sacrosanct.” He also added in his tweets stating that traditionally, chart manipulation is done by artist’s label, but in the case of BTS, ARMY is doing it.

He accepted that  that BTS chart achievements are “kind of inspiring,” he also feels that “Butter” is a “bad song.”

Breihan hasn’t changed his opinion of what he wrote in the article despite the criticism he got for his article and his follow-up tweets. But he contradicted himself by stating that he is not in the position to determine which songs should rank at No.1.

As an Individual people can respect his opinion as everyone has the right to express their opinion. Breihan might have made these statements based on a foreign point of view as he can’t see other Asian artists what BTS is getting or might be because his favorites never got a chance to be No.1 on the charts as he had accepted it in his tweets.

But the fact is why BTS has such a big powerful fandom behind them is because of their songs which connect to the audience deeply, irrespective of their age and group. They write such songs that they relate to themself and also the audience from all the corners of the world.

BTS’ is not the “phenomenon” but the “change” to the whole Korean K-pop, Hip-pop, and idol industry and culture that has broken many stereotypes and are to bring the change in their BTS style. This change will gradually help Breihan favorite or other Asian artists to lead the Billboard charts as somebody had already done it who never had the chance!!

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