Jamie Dornan and Ellen DeGeneres Substitue Office Supplies for Sex Toys In ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Spoof


As it turns out, Jamie Dornan doesn’t know much about sex toys after all.

“The funny thing is, pretty much everything you find in the red room, you’ve used a version of, but not for the same effect,” the Fifty Shades Darker actor, 34, explained today on The Ellen DeGeneres show. “Like, it’s more for riding a horse or something. Or doing up a bag that’s particularly full and if you’re using a buckle. That kind of thing. You have the skillset and you kind of surprise yourself. Most of it—I have to admit—I was very green about all that stuff.”

Dornan didn’t take home any of the toys to his wife, Amelia Warner, his wife of three years, after production ended. “I don’t think she wants a used prop,” he says as he laughs. And if she really is into BDSM, he told Ellen, “She hasn’t told me, so I’m in the dark.”

Universal Pictures’ Fifty Shades Darker picks up a week after the events of the 2015 blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. “Christian, he can’t foresee his life without Ana [Dakota Johnson], and he’s going to do anything to get her back. She wants him to make massive changes, because obviously, he has a few flaws,” Dornan says of his character. “There are some things about the way he treats her that she really isn’t that into. He makes big sacrifices for her and compromises in the second movie, because he just knows he needs her.”

The brooding billionaire businessman shows off his more “soft side” while wooing Anna. “We see him smile a lot more in the second movie. There are a few lighter moments. Dakota, in the first movie, she gets all the gags—and I’m pretty serious,” he says. “It’s a bit more evenly spread.”

At one point, Ellen asked Dornan if he was required to wax his body before stripping on camera, as tWitch had done for Magic Mike XXL. “I’m not a particularly hirsute person, really,” he said with a blush on his face. “I know I have a very hirsute face, but I’m not very hairy. I’m not like a—”

“You’re not like a Ken doll,” DeGeneres completed for him. “I don’t know what you were going to say.”

“That’s better than what I was thinking up in my head,” he says. “I don’t think it’s for daytime.”

Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were filmed back to back, with the third installment in the franchise set to hit theatres on February 9, 2018. DeGeneres devised an idea for a for a fourth film and convinced Dornan to act out a scene for her spoof, Fifty Shades Darkest.

As a wigged Dornan lies down on the bed, Ellen enters with a breastplate and a low-cut top. “I assume you like a girl in a uniform,” she said. With his eyes on her cleavage, Dornan replies, “The moment I walked into Staples, I just knew I had to have you in my life.”

“Well, I brought toys,” DeGeneres said.

As she repeatedly clamped down on her staple remover, Dornan said, “I’m not really into that. I don’t think anybody is into that.” Feeling “silly”, (for obvious reasons) Ellen pulls out her next sex toy: a stapler. She then tapes his hands to the headboard and pulls out a pair of scissors. “That’s a $2,000 tie!” Dornan protests and the tv host jokingly says “Now it’s half off!”

DeGeneres has one more thing in her Staples bag that makes Dornan squirm.

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