Is Covid19 Vaccine The End To The Fear Of This Ongoing Pandemic!?


2020 can be considered as one of the darkest years of mankind’s history. Many things happened in and around the world. Starting with the Australian bushfire which burned almost 47 million acres of land. Then dreadful Covid-19 pandemic which was announced by the WHO on 9th January. This virus was not like any other virus that humanity has ever faced before. This virus brought millions and millions of peoples lives to an end. Not to forget the virus was so strong that the world had to go in a state of strict lockdown for months so that the rate of deaths happening in the world would be under control.

The in at least 2 months had spread across the globe affecting approximately 20 million people in a stretch. As this virus was something never seen before hospitals had no cure for it. There was no vaccine available for it at the get-go. Until the situation was under control many people lost their lives. By the end of September, the WHO recorded 991000 deaths around the and over 32.7 million people were reported to be affected by the virus. Another disheartening incident that happened was the death of the Hall of Fame basketball player Kobe Bryant along with his daughter Gianna Bryant. It was a sad day for all basketball players.

Many deaths had occurred in these dark times of lockdown. few of which were of The Bollywood icon Rishi Kapoor, Irfan Khan. The Hollywood sensation Chadwick Boseman.
The Beirut explosion that happened on the Beirut port on August 4 which was caused because of accidental detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate had killed at least 190 people. The west coast wildfires which were flared from California to Washington burned millions of acres of Land.

During this time of the total lockdown in the world, many states suffered a great loss of economy. Goods and services got limited as the manufacturing companies were shut down. The people of their respected states had to survive on minimum food and supplies for a period of 4 months until the government of each country began it’s in lockdown phase. Still, as everything was in a standstill the prices and cost of every commodity increased which made it difficult for the common man to live in.
There is a saying that there is light even at the end of the darkest tunnel. In this time of 6 months, our scientists and doctors held strong against the virus and created a vaccine which will cure the covid virus. Russia created its first vaccine the “Sputnik V”. After that, The USA has also developed a vaccine called ” Pfizer covid vaccine” which is recently approved by the US to be used. India is at its final stages to complete it’s  vaccine as well.

Even tho the vaccines are ready and in the manufacturing process people are requested to follow the safety protocols until there is 70 percent herd immunity. People are required to wear masks and follow the social distancing rules for some more time till the virus is completely eradicated. With proper measures taken our world will be rid of this virus in no time.

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Kiona Rosh


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