‘IRUL’ Malayalam Movie Review: A Unique Psychological Thriller By Just Three Actors In The Flick & Bang On, They Pulled It Off!

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What do Malayalam filmmakers eat and drink? Is often a question in my mind whenever I watch their ventures, and each one of them blows my mind, and IRUL has done the same to me. The psychological-thriller has been streaming on Netflix and here’s our review for you all that you have to at least one time give it a shot. To know more, read on!

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Archana and Alex, a couple who plans a happy weekend holiday, and as promised to each other they get out with no cell phones with them. Then their car breakdowns, so, unfortunately, they get into a house where a man welcomes them and being a good host. But later when all three get into one topic conservation is unexpected, which later makes us confuse to know who’s the real serial killer from them.

And IRUL means ‘Dark’.

You’ll surely enjoy the movie and give to that grip if you watch it with no expectations at all in your mind. Fahadh Faasil (Unni) has once again stolen out the performance, this man is always stunningly presentable more than our expectations. What we think and what he does is out of the box every time! No doubt, even the same goes to Soubin Shahir (Alex) who aces every small role and becomes the center of attraction and IRUL has given him a huge screen-space to say this man also not less than anyone! Darshana Rajendran (Archana), what a girl! An actress from a side role to a lead, and now shouldering up movies is beyond expectations. CU Soon already made her proved her talent and this flick has fully made her pour heart & soul into it, rock lady! Can you guys imagine? Just three actors in the movie and they pulled it off like all three are equal to the thousands of crowd. They will keep you gripping through their performances and we’ll nowhere get thoughts like the performances are not good, there should’ve been more people cast in the film, and they proved that just three of them are enough you to blow your mind!

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I think it is a debut film of Naseef Yusuf Izaddin has directed and co-written by Sunil Yadav, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Anaz Bin Ibrahim, Obeth S Thomas, and also Naseef Yusuf Izaddin. Yes, this psychological thriller is unlike any other psychological-thrillers, which has no scenes included like chasing or killing brutally yet that makes us feel the pain. The score by Sreerag Saji was brilliant, that has helped the actors to perform on point. Editing by Shameer Muhammed has used a correct dark shade of the palette, that should actually be and surely made get out of Irul (dark). What a visual, introduction was too good. And it has a cinematographer Jomon T John who deserves huge applause, he is also a stand-out for the film with perfect camera handling. Seems long minute of scenes are shot in a go without even a single cut, loved its camera flipping from one character to the other while they were in deep serious conversation and of course at several times.

Overall, maybe a onetime watch for the actor’s incredible dedication as all three have shouldered up the flick to entertain you all but I’ll watch it again, for a unique story-line/visuals, etc. – 3.2/5

Now, Irul was different imagine Fahadh’s next week upcoming film how Joji (April 7) will be? It has already set a high benchmark because it is an actor Fahad Faasil and director Dileesh Pothan, who already has two beautiful movies together.

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