India’s unbeatable Hallyu: Why k- drama matters so much and get to know the first experiences of such k-drama enthusiasts!

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Korean television drama, which now is popularly known as ‘K-Drama’, refers to Korean-language television shows of the drama genre created in South Korea. Korean drama started in May 1956 with the film Death Row Prisoner, directed by Choi Chang Bong. The genre has grown in popularity through the 1960s and 70s with the growth of Korean broadcasting firms and began showing on colour television in 1981. In the 1990s and 2000s, youth-oriented, soap-opera style Korean dramas took hold and increased the Korean drama genre worldwide. Over the years there have been many popular k-dramas released some examples are, “Descendants of the Sun”, “My Love From the Star”, “The Heirs”, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” “Woman of Dignity”, “Pinocchio”.

K-pop, as well as Korean dramas, have been a well-known subculture among India’s new generation and millennials for the last couple of years now. While K-beauty is moderately popular among Indians, K-pop and K-drama seem to have had their largest breakthrough moment in India during this lasting pandemic, as many people found the time and tendency to explore different kinds of content till they found something that helped them achieve perfect mental escape from the anxiety of the times we are in.

Given bellow are confessions from some K-drama buffs in India stating how they started and are now in compelete love with it.

1.It’s crazy how the journey of my kdrama began with just a friend and me talking about how boring life was and bam the topic came out of nowhere. I saw how excited she got at the mention of this korean actor who happened to be the first Korean man in my life I would ever fall so hard for who’s 40. She was like go ahead start binge watching Korean dramas and viola I did.  It started with goblin and I had never seen anything like this. Story potraying a friendship between a grim repear and a goblin and their struggles. For anybody who is interested in past lives and that stuff would live this drama.  I was already into anime at that time but the idea of watching Asian dramas never came across my mind.  Soon from having Watched only two dramas it went to twenty and it’s still going strong. The thing was kdrama has not made it hard for me to stay single but has also raised my bar of standards when it comes to men. My genre was romance and thriller that I usually watched but one of them could I complain of or say nah it wasn’t that good.  It hits you right in the feels. There is a drama each for your mood.  Wanna get into a love triangle?  Go watch true beauty. Wanna get into a melodramatic relationship of the olden times? Go watch hymn of death based on true events. Wanna something psychotic? Watch voice or tunnel.. And this would go on and on. Theres just so much creativity and the way it’s potrayed… The direction and the cinematography takes the credit for capturing each and every emotion in each frame so well. Ever heard of a love story between an angel and a ballerina? Yeah the most heavenly kind of pairing and the actors did a fantastic job. Both Kim myung soon and Shin hye sun. Not just that it makes you fall in love with the language and their culture. It makes you want to visit South Korea.  I have binge watching kdransso much that I don’t need subtitles anymore. I know exactly what the characters are saying. Words like aanyong hasseyo (hello)  kamsamidha (thank you) Saranghae (I love you)  chukhahamindha  (congratulations) chesohamidha (sorry) are now words that every kdrama fan knows of. I couldn’t be more thankful to my friends and myself for having started this journey. Everything is complete… Just that I need one Oppa and a ticket to South Korea to visit my oppas !
                      – Keerthana Bahar
                         (Navi Mumbai)

2.It’s been a year now that I have started watching k-dramas and i think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a total filmy bollywood kid it was a totally different experience for me. My first drama was weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo I really liked it but I wouldnt say that it was love at first binge. I fell in love with kdramas after my second one What’s wrong with secretary Kim, I still cannot explain how much I love it and eventually I found my first korean crush Park Seo Joon. After that its been just me and my Kdramas. I’m a sucker for romance and I don’t think anyone does it better than them. I don’t generally binge watch but then I got hooked and I couldnt stop the plot the characters everything was so Interesting. Its not like you can skip an episode and still understand what’s happening in the story because every episode has a plot of its own. It was a delight to the eyes and to my soul. I’ve watched soo many now and some of my favourites are Crash Landing on you, Goblin, descendents of the Sun, its okay to not be okay, legend of the blue sea and Hawarang( breaks my heart). I’ve recenty watched Love Alarm and I’m eagerly waiting for season 2 and I’m currently bingeing on Was it love? These dramas have become a part of my life now and I’m soo soo thankful for my best friend who introduced them to me it was the best gift ever.I still have a lot to explore and I can’t wait.
                          – Urvashi More
                           ( Navi Mumbai)

3.*K-Drama paradise*
The story of my and K-drama began 4 years ago when I was 16 and was struggling with Kirchoff’s law. One very fine day I heard two of my friends discussing how Lee min-ho and Bae Suzy complete together. Back then I had no idea what they were asserting, so I asked them what are they talking about and that was the day I was introduced to the K-drama world. My first ever K-drama was the Playful Kiss, Baek Seung-Jo and Oh ha-ni is the main lead. It was overwhelming for me as a beginner to keep one eye on subtitles and another on characters. I still don’t remember what made me binge watch that drama, whether it was Oh ha-ni’s clingy yet pure love for Baek Seung-jo and the dumbness I can relate to her or hope in me that maybe one day he will accept her love and of course how can I miss that? After Playful Kiss I was thoroughly in K-world where once you Jim-in you can’t Jim-out ( If you know you know). The Playful Kiss is a cliché romance drama that can make you cringe but without making you cringe, and that’s the best part about K-Dramas.

Binge-watching so many dramas and after many sleepless nights, I finally realised that the thrill, comedy genre is the most I like because romantic drama will make you feel single in 1738 different languages ( though it’s my guilty pleasure).  Now giving a thought about it I realised indeed the thing which let me hold on to Drama is not the storyline or the fancy locations but a spiritual connection I feel with the character, when they cry you cry; when they laugh you laugh.  Maybe just for the sake of 16 episodes only but I get an on-screen friend, my own space, my fantasy world where I feel peaceful.

                              – Himanshi
                           (Navi Mumbai)

4.When i was in 8th class i saw my first kdrama BOYS OVER FLOWERS, my close friend in school suggested me this kdrama(korean drama). In the start i was not able to understand their expressions or simultaneously read the English subtitle but as i was watching further it totally got me hooked, the main advantage to kdrama was it has less number of episodes and no stretchy twist and plot unlike indian dailysoap. Mostly their lifestyle, food and fashion got me more interested, and the way they show their culture and tradition in every episode is incredible. Main reason watching kdrama is their actor and actress that pleases ones heart and brings out the emotions from their acting skill which is mostly natural and less melodramatic. My fav kdramas are descendants of the sun, Pinocchio, princess hours, my father is strange, the hiers, hwarang, what’s wrong with secretary kim, actually the list is little too long 😉
                      – Sujan jawade
                        (Navi Mumbai)

5.My Experience of Korean dramas is very good and joyful . I had a lot of Beautiful memories of Korean dramas .Like my very first Korean drama is Hi! school love on . And that time I was in class 11th . One of my dearest friend Shivani Kumari , she recommended me to watch this drama , and that time I was very new in this Korean drama world but when I watched Hi! School Love On korean drama . It was awesome . and I’m so so glad that she recommended me such a beautiful and heart touching K-Drama . Hi! School Love On korean drama is like we can correlate with your daily life , some of the episodes are very very good and interesting , and enjoyable , there a lot of comedy , love , friendship , what it means to be a human . It is a teen fantasy romance series about an angel who has no choice but to become a human after unintentionally saving a male student in danger . The now -mortal angel then interacts with teenage high school students and learn about love , respect and friendship. 
So it is a very interesting and enjoyable Korean drama and I had enjoyed a lot and I never ever forgot about this drama not a single episode .
So my journey of watching Korean drama starts from my teenage and it makes me feel happy whenever I remembered that moment.
I’m also learning Korean language and it’s my dream to visit South Korea one day .
Watching Korean drama is really nice cause it also helps me to learn Korean language and culture .
I also like to sing it’s my hobby as well , and I usually listen Korean song ost and I sing Korean song . I’m very much obsessed with Korean dramas and Korean songs . This makes me feel better and joyful .
My favourite Korean actress is Park soo young and I had watched her dramas also and I’m a huge fan of her . I Stan for Red Velvet Girls Group and ASTRO boys group. My favourite Korean actor is Cha Eun woo , genius of faces 殺
I’m huge fan of both of them .
So my journey of watching Korean drama is Epic and I really appreciate it and really mean it .

                             -Tanvi Saxena
                              (New Delhi)

6.So basically I got to know about kdramas through a YouTube video. The video was of a Korean drama with a Bollywood song. I really liked the video, so I searched and got to know about Korean dramas. At first I was not so interested to watch them as I also had a hypocritical opinion about them (not so proud), but then I decided to try out a Korean movie called “100 days with Mr. Arrogant”. I loved the movie and the casting and everything else. It starred actress Ha Ji Won and actor Kim Jae Won. Both the actors acted so fine that I got hooked and I searched for more. Then I came across this kdrama called “Boys Over Flowers”, basically every kdrama fan’s first drama that got them hooked into kdramas and even me too. And I loved the male lead Lee Min ho and I still love him. He will always be my first Korean celebrity crush. Then after this it was all about kdramas and kmovies. Some of my personal favourite kdramas till now are “Goblin ( guardian- the lonely god)”, “Mr. Sunshine”, “Descendants of the sun”, “Reply 1988”, “Kill me, heal me”, “Strong girl Do Bong Soon”, “Fight for my way” and many more. Through kdramas I got to know about K-pop, and since then I’m a die hard fan of Korean pop music and idol groups. K-pop boy band that I first listened to was Got7 and since then I became an igot7 ( fandom name). I even like K-pop girl group Blackpink and boy bands Shinee, BTS, Astro and Exo. It’s been 7 years since I started watching kdramas and K-pop and it’s still going strong. I watch dramas of many different countries like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, turkey, Taiwanese but kdramas will always be my one true love. It will always be my comfort. Whenever I feel low, i watch kdramas and everything gets better.                                                           

                     – Shivani Agarwal
                        (Navi Mumbai)

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