Opinion: Indian Music Has Been Brought Down To The Level Of Joke; Golden Era Of Classical Music Has Become Myth Now!


The Indian music industry has a legacy of some wonderful songs and music compositions coming from the veteran singers, lyricists and music composers. The music industry is blessed with legendary artists. In the old music in the eras of the 1970s, 80s, and even 90s is still considered as the Golden era of the music industry. Each and every song from that time is soulful, blissful, melodious, and even meaningful.

There was a lot of thought process done behind it. The lyrics of the song are so meaningful that one relates to it and feels it from within. Also, they are accompanied by the eardrums melting classic music and the melodious voice of the singers. All these make one song complete that touches the emotional chord of the listeners.

However, gone are those days when we produced such beautiful songs. In the current scenario of the music industry, we find the vacuum of the original and classic content. Today we find more remakes of the old songs. Also, the lyrics are another factor we find a lack of good lyrics in today’s songs. The common things we find are alcoholism and also raps which are at times meaningless.

Today there are singers in the industry who do not come from a musical background as in the ones who have not learned music. Some so many actors have sung songs. They should understand that it is affecting the job of the singers with some real potential and blessed with a good voice. There are artists out there who have honed their skills and work hard to enhance their talent.

These days anyone comes and makes a song without having any knowledge in that fraternity. At least people should think of the legacy and the work which our great and ace artists have left behind who had taken the music industry to new heights. Earlier it was an honor for people with talent to get an opportunity to show it off within this industry, now it would be a boon and honor for the industry only to have someone talented enough people within themselves. Though not all are the same and there few singers and music composers who are taking forward the legacy but unfortunately the number of such artists is less.

We really thank our veteran singers and artists for giving us music that has the power to heal our souls and had the capability of rolling down tears from the eyes with their songs. These are the memories we will always cherish and immortal in the music industry.

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