Imtiaz Ali Movies Are All About Chasing Love, Travel And A Stop At New Delhi!

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Imtiaz Ali movies have always been underlined with a love, travel and chasing each other so as to complete each other in all shades!

Imtiaz Ali is a name which is synonymous with old school love where the emotions are raw and have a lot of depth and sincerity. Whether it be Rockstar where their love-story was a forever kind of love-tale or be it Highway where two characters try to show their real sides eventually being nude with each other and falling in love. His films make the audience realize what we should actually look out in humans when we seek love or companionship.

His films also show a lot of travel amidst mountains and hills which do add to the flavor and that ‘journey’ factor gets reflected. In his latest release, ie, Love Aaj Kal, two characters Raghu and Zoe travel to complete themselves by seeking their loved ones. In many other films of Imtiaz, we have seen beautiful landscapes and heavenly mountains in all their glory thus making his characters look ultra cinematic.

Not to forget, many Imtiaz Ali films from Cocktail to Tamasha have showed a chapter whether big or mini in the capital city, ie, Delhi where either the two primary characters meet for the first time or they come back to that city to work it out or we can say that their second phase gets initiated there. The complexities in love and humans have always been effectively shown in Imtiaz Ali cinema and what we saw in Tamasha remains his best!

Lastly, we can say that his films have always been about finding love in each other’s imperfections and wanting the person in all of their forms/avatars whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly! Interestingly, they give us clarity and also life-lessons about the do’s and dont’s when you are finding love and companionship in a person. Thank you for being true to the emotions and not hiding away from the grey zone!

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