If these 5 songs would not have existed, Bollywood would have been incomplete.


There are some songs which remains untouched always. There’s no replacement to it and there will be any. We tend to relate ourselves with those songs at a subtle level. No matter how old we or the song gets, it still stays fresh in our mind. We tend to sing the lyrics as soon as we hear its slightest music. That kind of impact it makes on our heart as well as on our mind.

Some songs are “Our Go-To Songs’”; while travelling, having meals, going to bed, when we need a shoulder to weep, and so on. They handle our mood swings better than any human being. It feels as if those songs were meant to be in our playlist since its release. We never get bored while listening to it. We instead put them on repeat unless we’re disturbed by someone.

And Bollywood has been having innumerable songs, making it more loveable. Bollywood is known for the actors and most importantly the songs. There won’t be a single song in Bollywood which might be ignored. The composition, music, singer and the actor featured in the frame brings peace to our ears.

Here are 5 songs which if didn’t exist, Bollywood would have been incomplete.

1. Aadmi Musafir Hai: A song from the movie titled “Apnapan” directed by the best duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal Sir, composed by none other than Anand Bakshi Sir has been one of the best songs created. The song goes hit with Lata Mangeshkar Ma’am and Mohammad Rafi Sir adding immense sweetness to the melody. The three stanzas beautifully narrates the secret of life and its happenings. This song amazes everyone who listens to it and from then, there’s no looking back.

2. Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi: Directed by the prestigious and known music director Sir R.D. Burman, composed by the most renowned and respected Gulzar Sahab; this song will make you cry at least once in your life. The lyrics are bounded with the unusual happenings of and moreover the purity of life. Sung beautifully by Anup Ghoshal in the movie “Masoom”; it leaves you in an isolate state of mind.

3. Ek Din Bik Jayega Maati Ke Mol: Confronting us with our attitude towards others and making us realize the importance of each other. Directed by R.D. Burman Sir and amazingly sung by Mukesh; it will remind you to be kind no matter what. The lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri takes you to a world where it’s just you and the song. Start your day with this song and notice its impact on you.

4. Lag Ja Gale: A song at the heart of everyone. There would be no one who’ll ignore this song when it automatically plays in your playlist. It is directed by Raj Khosla, composed by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan and sung by the nightingale Lata Mangeshkar. It reminds you of your long distance love and makes you fall in love with it too.

5. Neki Ke Raahon Pe Tu Chal: Another song which is quite underrated but delivers a huge meaning. It reminds you to be a human and proves that there’s nothing more important than humanity. While there’s a lot of pop songs, you should listen to such songs too. Amazingly composed and directed by Mithoon and sung by the singing sensation Arijit Singh.

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