HYBE INSIGHT Inauguration Is Approaching, Naver’s VLIVE And HYBE’s Weverse To Get Merge, Here Are The Over All Details

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HYBE INSIGHT museum is set for its grand opening and you will now get an interactive experience of the gorgeous building.

HYBE has recently announced that they are set to inaugurate their new museum HYBE INSIGHT on 14th May 2021.

The museum is 4700 square meters and offers fans an engaging and immersive experience unlike any other. This interactive space is created to help you see, hear, touch, and feel the power of music and our beliefs.

According to HYBE, “HYBE INSIGHT offers a holistic, stimulating experience consisting of sound, movement, and story within temporal and spatial restrictions through the music it creates.”

This multi-leveled experience will help to explore the legacy of HYBE artists and music from an innovative perspective.

a wide range of souvenirs including merch from your favorite artists and stop by the Upcycling Lab which offers one-of-a-kind products including pieces of clothing and accessories worn by HYBE artists that have been upcycled by designers.

The grand opening will begin with 1st special exhibition will be of James Jean’s “Seven Phases” and will run until 14th November, 2021.

HYBE stated, “Meet James Jean, an artist who reinterprets diverse aspects of everyday life through his unique perspective and creates original, dreamlike images by adding his own narratives. Discover how each BTS member is portrayed in his elaborately ethereal world.”

Tickets range from $20 USD to $23 USD and each viewing session is limited to two hours.

It will be total new experience the legacy of HYBE’s artists!!

Also the Fair Trade Commission recently approved the merging of Naver’s VLIVE And HYBE’s Weverse platforms.

In January 2021, the two companies signed a contract for Weverse to take over Naver’s VLIVE.  Naver is owing 49% stake in Weverse Company and will become the second largest shareholder of Weverse Company after HYBE (51%).

The FTC analyzed that the many businesses are getting merger into companies in the domestic entertainment market and shared that it was because these fusion methods business is getting stronger capabilities, securing competitiveness and also can enter a new business.

The FTC stated, “Going forward, we will closely review the impact of these business combinations in regards to competition in related markets, while approving matters that don’t have any concerns about competition restrictions, therefore supporting the investment activities of companies”.

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