Hrithik Roshan: The Man Behind Those Greek God Looks & Impeccable Acting Skills!

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Hrithik Roshan is the heartthrob of the nation and perhaps the last ‘overnight star’ the country will see. No one can match Hrithik Roshan when it comes to looks, acting, and dancing. It is said that Hrithik is the perfect package and rightly so. When he entered the film industry in 2000, he made everybody nervous and captured the limelight overnight. While Hrithik is a craze internationally too, read on to find out some lesser-known facts of Duggu that might surprise you!

1. He earned his first salary when he was just six years old: Hrithik got his first paycheck from shaking a leg with Jeetendra in the film ‘Asha’ (1980). The 100 Rupees he earned were spent on buying 10 Hot Wheel Cars, igniting a passion for cars for life.

2. He dropped out of an academic scholarship to pursue films: Hrithik went to Bombay Scottish School, and is a commerce graduate from Mumbai Sydenham College. He opted out of a scholarship Master’s degree course in the USA to become an actor.

3. Hrithik’s first love is music, not acting: As the grandson of famous classical music composers Roshan Lal Nagrath & Ira Nagrath (paternal grandparents), and nephew of music composer Rajesh Roshan, it’s music, not acting, that runs in Hrithik’s family. Stepping up to any tune comes naturally to him. In ‘Guzaarish’ and ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ he has even sung.

4. Hrithik is a certified diver: Well his acting in ZNMD on fear of water seemed so natural but one of the most ironic facts is that Hrithik is a perfectionist His expertise as a diver came in handy in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Doba.

5. He considers a birth deformity to be a sign of luck: Born with a double thumb, Hrithik is not shy of this birth imperfection. In 2011, this is what he had to say about it (on Facebook) he posted:
“My thumb used to repel people in school, today I’m posting it to millions like you who I know are just like me. Beautifully imperfect.”

6.He beat a spinal defect and a brain surgery, just to keep dancing: At 21, Hrithik was diagnosed with scoliosis which a spine deformity. Doctors asked him to stop dancing. Hrithik took to exercising so seriously that he is perhaps Bollywood’s best dancer. His icons are Michael Jackson and Shammi Kapoor. While shooting a stunt in Thailand for ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik suffered a head injury and had to undergo brain surgery but yet he never gave up his passion for dancing.

7. His nickname ‘Duggu’ was given to him by his grandmother: It was Hrithik’s grandmother who coined the nickname Duggu for him. She was looking for a name that rhymes with her son Rakesh’s Guddu. And Duggu is what you get if you keep chanting Guddu constantly.

8. Hrithik Roshan is a big furry friend lover: Hrithik has a thing for both cats and dogs. His pets included — Puggy, a pug and cats, Pearl and Tiger and most recently a beagle named Paris for his boys — Hrehaan and Hridaan. Sadly, Puggy and Pearl are no more.

9. He is a perfectionist just like Amir Khan: Aamir Khan is synonymous with perfectionism but HR is no less. From learning roller-blading for Dhoom 2, taking sword-fighting lessons for Jodhaa Akbar to interacting with paraplegic patients as a preparation for his role in Guzaarish, the 40-year-old leaves no stone unturned.
10. He did not need any stunt double during ZNMD: Hrithik performed all the adrenalin pumping stunts of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara — bull chasing, sky diving, and underwater diving.

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