How does the B-day Month Of Libra Looks Like?


The month of September and October does not have anything special in store for Libras this month. While the whole year has been a lackluster one, the remnant of the year is actually easier as compared to the beginning. The main reason behind this betterment is that six of the planets out of nine are in their own signs. But still don’t get your hopes up.

At the same time do not lessen your barrier of caution. Most certainly, you will face some problems with your health. Just be cautious and don’t go on an eating binge. You should also not experiment much with your gastronomical balance. Eat a nutritious diet, and make sure there are some seasonal vegetables and fruit in your diet. But you could eat boiled eggs and meat if you want. Have them in moderation. Go easy on the dals too, as this month is not good for protein consumption for the Libras.

What about your love life? There will be some flip-flops in your life, and if you have a steady partner, then be prepared for some turbulence in the relation. Don’t be discouraged by it. Keep a bit of faith and be prepared for such challenges, because they make this game of love interesting. Libra is all about balance, and you should be able to balance your love lives.

Career wise, this is the best for those who are in employment. The people who are into IT and art-related jobs will flourish. Lawyers in the corporate world, managers, HR and all those who are involved in making meetings will have a good month. But those into sales and accounts might have a bit of a challenge as they will have a heavy workload.

But the worst affected ones will be the Libra entrepreneurs who will have to break rules and might have to end on the wrong side of the law. Libras have never been very ethical in a field where there should be a perfect competition. They have to eliminate the opposition and they have no qualms about that. They shouldn’t hesitate either. Otherwise they might be the one who might end up being eliminated.

Just look at Bill Gates and how he established monopoly with Microsoft. Libras should be like that only as they have no help from government due to their Suns being in debilitation. They have little or help from authorities. So Libras have to be survivors and self sufficient. That is what all Libras have to be on a lookout for.

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