Oppenheimer: Netizens Get into Debate After a Viewer Spotted Major Blunder in Christopher Nolan Films

Hollywood: Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer is one of the most loved movie of the year. A viewer noticed one major blunder in the movie and his post has sparked debate among the movie lovers.

By Sanjana Lama
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Christopher Nolan is back with his masterpiece "Oppenheimer" and it has become one the most loved movie of the year. It is a autobiography drama created by Christopher Nolan and it is based on Robert Oppenheimer who is responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb in the World War II-era. Cillan Murphy is playing the role of Oppenheimer and the movie is receving prasises and appreciation from all around the globe from both critics and audience. Especially, Cillan for its excellant and powerful performances and entire team of oppenheimer is being praised. The movie is doing well in the  box-office  but amidst all the appreciation a viewer has spotted a major blunder in one of the important scene of the movie.


The fan pointed out, that during a partcualr scene, Robert J Oppenheimer (Cillan Murphy) was giving a speech and the sequence was set in 1945, after the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings. He was giving speech in front of crowd, where the crowd was seen cheering for him with US flages in their hands. The major blunder that Christopher made was that the flags in the scene didn't look like from that particular era it look era-appropriate.

Andrew R Craig was the one who had noticed the error and he took to his twitter and shared it online. He wrote,"It was good and all, but I'll be that guy and complain they used 50-star flags in a scene set in 1945"

The twitter post that spotted the major blunder.


Fans started debating over that particular scene 

The post spread like a wildfire on social media and people started debating over that particular scene many fans came up in the support of Christopher Nolan's film and stated that the particualr scene was a deliberate move by director Christopher Nolan. The movie  focuses on Oppenheimer's personal life and it shows his post state of  mind after creating atom bomb. People feel that it was delibrate move to show his vulnarable state of mind and memories after the incident. Many people have pointed tout he mistake while many are still defending the scene. Anyways, the box-office collection of the movie is not effected by these revelation it is doing well and still has the same  hype among the audience.

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