15 Different Hangover Remedies Around the Globe To Get You Through The Holidays

A comprehensive look at ten hangover remedies from cultures around the globe, featuring home remedies, drinks, and more to help you get through the holidays.

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Hangover Remedies

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The holidays bring so much joy. But, between indulging with family, friends, and too many adult beverages, sometimes hangovers can come along with the celebrations. Don’t worry though, there are a plethora of hangover remedies from all around the world waiting to give you the relief you need.


1. The Caribbean: Coconut water, a natural electrolyte and vitamin concentrate, is a common hangover cure in the Caribbean. This natural remedy can restore the electrolytes lost from a night of heavy drinking.

2. Portugal: In Portugal, a universally popular hangover cure is poached eggs and fries. Not only does this meal provide a powerful source of protein and vitamins, but it's also very greasy — a combination scientifically proven to help calm the stomach.

3. Mexico: Mexican locals swear by their beloved hangover remedy, 'Refresco de Huevo.' This beverage is made with an egg white, lime, and spices all mixed. The protein and vitamin D in the egg white helps cleanse the stomach and stop the nausea.


4. Russia: The Russian's special hangover cure is pickle juice. Pickle juice is a great source of electrolytes to help replace what was lost due to drinking, as well as help settle an upset stomach.

5. Japan: As a part of traditional Japanese culture, the locals swear by miso soup as a hangover cure. Not only is miso naturally filled with electrolytes, but it is also loaded with B vitamins to help bring back energy levels.

6. Hong Kong: The go-to hangover remedy in Hong Kong is a hot Italian coffee called 'caffe corretto'. This is essentially a double shot of espresso mixed with brandy or grappa for a strong jolt of energy and improved blood circulation.


7. South Korea: South Koreans drink a combination of tomato juice and beer. This mixture is believed to help combat the body's dehydration and nausea associated with a hangover.

8. United States: The Bloody Mary, which is made of tomato juice, vodka, and spices, is well-known as an American tradition. The combination of ingredients used in the drink is an amazing hangover system that energizes and rehydrates.

9. Greece: Most Greeks reach for a cup of Greek coffee with honey when it comes to hangover relief. The honey helps restore minerals and vitamins lost from heavy drinking, while the coffee helps reduce hangover rise.


10. South Africa: South Africans often reach for a cup of Rooibos tea to get rid of the morning-after blues. It is filled with ingredients that can detox the body and ease the nausea associated with a hangover.

11. Spain: In Spain, a popular morning-after remedy is sugar and sardines. Yes, you read that correctly. This dish is known for not only providing a great source of magnesium but also calming the stomach and stimulating digestion. 

12. France: The French love to drink hot milk as a hangover remedy. This is because it contains tryptophans, which recognize the amino acids that help the body sleep better and longer.


13. Germany: Germans swear by pickled herring as their hangover cure. This source of protein-packed low-fat food helps to easily digest, which forces the body to work to metabolize alcohol.

14. China: Chinese people turn to a hot bowl of congee (rice porridge) to get rid of their hangover. This staple food is loaded with electrolytes, easy to digest, and provides a great combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins to the body.

15. India: In India, it's common to drink spicy ginger tea to help relax the stomach and rehydrate the body after a night of drinking alcohol. For an extra kick, adding honey, lemon, and a sprinkle of black pepper can alleviate the hangover even more.

All in all, the holidays are not just about family, friends, and excess imbibing; it's also about trying new hangover remedies. Whatever your destination, make sure to ask the locals what works best to get rid of that annoying and uncomfortable hangover.

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