Holi 2021: Here’s How You Can Celebrate 'Festival Of Colours' By Not Playing Outside And Keeping Yourself Safe!

Holi 2021: Here’s How You Can Celebrate ‘Festival Of Colours’ Interestingly, By Not Playing Outside And Keeping Yourself Safe!

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We know that we all are keenly aware of COVID-19 and it has been more than a year since we are stuck within, in mid the positive cases were completely decreasing but now as the cases are rising a lot more than before a year so we need to be extra careful.

As Holi is ahead and all know it is our most favorite festival of India, and we have to be careful and celebrate the festival inside our home. If we do this now then will be our nearest future ours and our upcoming will be safe, right? Think about, that you are doing for yourself if you can’t think about upcoming people.

So, here got you some interesting or simple kinds of stuff to do on the festival of colours to make your day extra special, let’s do this, think of – let’s celebrate in a different way and make it quite unique.

  • Play with your family

Mostly, the people have come till here by celebrating Holi with friends, yes, we know as it is tough to play rashly with our parents or grandparents. So, this time start your day by applying colours on their cute cheeks with different chemical-free colours and splash the water on your siblings, haha! “Bhura na maano Holi hai”.

  • Prepare a colourful rangoli

Yes, a rangoli! I know it’s not Diwali, but think? Isn’t that a unique way? Don’t take out your Diwali rangoli colours, but prepare a huge or as much as you can, a colourful (a lot of different colours) rangoli with your Holi colours, yes with your Holi colourful. Let me know if you loved the idea? In the comment box below.

  • Prepare colourful dishes

This is India and we have a countless number of languages with a countless number of dishes to eat, so pick up the different colour of dishes that you make easily on the festival or else prepare several colour dishes in one serving plate, just like the below picture:

In Detail, PREFER – Here are some Holi special colourful dishes according to colour!

  • Colourful cold-drinks

Yes, whenever we go out to play Holi all know the importance of drinks so why not prepare them at our home that too on the same festival. Maybe dishes don’t have many colours but we cannot deny this fact with our drinks.

  • Sweets

Sweets are very mandatory at our Indian festivals, so let’s pick up different colour sweets from our several states of the country.

  • Watch movies or have a good music time!

Though we are working from home or as usual going out for the work, it is festival means than its our National holiday so have a very good time spending with family by watching special programs coming up on the occasion of the festival on television, or else watch our previous old movies which has Holi in a part of it. Apart from this, we can also have a very great time by enjoying the Holi based songs or some DJ tracks.

  • Call your friends/relatives over – get together

Yes, get-togethers are tough in this period, but you can keenly follow the precautions if you really want to meet and spend time with your close ones to have fun at this festival. Make sure you are safe and check with the one whom you are calling over are doing well. Then you can play a variety of indoor games, dance, listen to music, watch movies with your light masks on your faces, as there is a lot of stuff for you to do in the four corners of your house or else if you have a big backyard/lawn outside your palace than why want you can plan there lunch/dinner and play games at that little space too, by not going outside.

Pick up any of these or try to make your festival unique this time with all the above makings, dot it and you’ll not know how the day has been passed quickly with such interesting ideas. So, let’s spread colours by being at home and try to lit up the spread of the virus away. And now, it is in our hands, that how we going to celebrate Holi, by staying at home or by going out. If you have the excitement of go out to celebrate it then make sure you maintain social distance and follow all the precautions. But we think it’s hardly possible, right? To maintain distance on the festival like Holi? So, we ask you to be at home and take a pledge to keep our country safe and virus-free for our better future!

Hope this has helped you? You it did then let us know your views in our comment box below.

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