Hina Khan’s Viral Video In Which She Calls Sakshi Tanwar Squint-Eyed And Doubts Gauhar Khan’s Twitter Followers Is Shameful!


While the latest season of Bigg Boss has been creating waves all over the country with it’s daily fights, ugly revelations and non-stop entertainment, it has also become the exact stop for all things beautiful and ugly. Many contestants fail to realize that there are more than hundred recording devices both video and audio which record everything which is spoken inside the house. In the past as well, some contestants have said things which they should not have said on National television and later, they got aired on the channel bringing a lot of shame and negative publicity to them. The latest person to do this is Hina Khan who was also in the news off lately when she said negative comments about the South Film Industry. Read on to know what she said…


We strongly feel that something is majorly wrong with Hina Khan off-lately. From her personal attacks to her shrieking voice, nothing pleasant has been offered from the TV-actress till now. Losing her mind and still keeping sane is one thing but what the actress has been doing is another level stupidity. Recently, a video came out which has already become viral where she was heard bitching about famous names like Gauhar Khan and Sakshi Tanwar. While she questioned Gauhar’s less following on social platforms and why is it so less, she went to on to pin-point Sakshi being squint-eyed even when the topic was about how talented Sakshi is as an actress. Watch the video here…


Hina was seen saying to Arshi about how less Gauhar Khan;s followers are and was also seen asking why has this happened for which Vikas replied saying that it may be because of her being less active than other celebs. Hina quickly snapped back saying that she is also not at all active but enjoys many more number of followers. Oops!


We want to give a reality check to Hina Khan here after going through the stats. On Instagram, Hina has 1,7 million followers while Gauhar is not far behind with 1.6 million followers. On the other hand, on Twitter, Gauhar is far ahead when it comes to having followers than Hina as she has 2.17M followers as compared to Khan’s 124k followers. We hope that the truth gets exposed and Hina is tight lipped in the time to come.

Last but not the least, when the in-house members were discussing Sakshi Tanwar, Hina Khan abrupted them in between saying that though she liked her acting in the much acclaimed Dangal but made sure she pointed out that the talented actress has squint eyes. Shame on you Hina! Get a life!



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