Here’s How World On Fire Actress Zofia Wichłacz Has Brought Out Her Inner Kasia!


Penned by multi-award-winning writer Peter Bowker, World On Fire is a heart-stopping, multi-stranded drama telling the story of World War II through the lives of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict.

It traces the intertwining fates of relatable, vividly drawn characters from Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the United States as they grapple with the effect of the war on their everyday lives. The series features a stellar ensemble cast including Academy Award winner Helen Hunt, Emmy and BAFTA-winner Sean Bean, and Academy Award nominated and Olivier Award winner Lesley Manville in lead roles will release on 14th August only on SonyLIV!

Well, diving deep into the making of this movie, here’s some excerpts of what all went behind-the-scenes from Zofia Wichłacz essaying the role of Kasia Tomaszeski:

How did you want to portray Kasia?
My idea at the beginning was to show Kasia as this very independent, happy, strong young woman. She is still a girl at the beginning but then she has to very quickly grow up and be strong.
Even from the beginning, I felt that she was strong but she just didn’t know it. You see her in love, but as the story develops we see her grow in resilience and strength and face all sorts of horrors.

What was it about the costume and production design that helped you get into character?
I loved my costumes so much. The costume should be your second skin and the moment you get the costumes on you inhabit your character and that’s how it should be. You have to feel comfortable. Then when I stepped on set and saw a whole square they had built, with so many
different buildings, cafes, it was so amazing and immediately gave me the vibe I needed. The art department did such an incredible job and it really helped us out when it came to finding our characters.

How does this series mix the light and dark?
There is a huge explosion just before Harry proposes to Kasia and it’s full of humour. It’s the humour, you know, that’s makes the show amazing. It’s very important to find a sense of humour, especially when the film or the series is sad and dark. We were trying to find humour in the scenes where you maybe wouldn’t see the place for humour.

What do you think it is about this story that will resonate with the audience?
I love the work of our DP Susie Lavelle and she shot this with a lot of close ups because it is so important to be close to the characters. We really want to feel their emotions. Susie has been magical at that. It helps people relate to their characters and you feel you are with them in every moment.

How was it filming those emotional scenes with Jonah and Eryk (Jan Tomaszeki)?
That was a very emotional scene to shoot when Kasia says goodbye to Harry. He doesn’t know that she is going to send her little brother on the train to England instead of her. It was a really emotional day. She has to try to save her little brother and she knows that this is more important
than her happiness with Harry. She stays in Warsaw to fight and to stay with her mother. I guess that tells you a lot about her strength of character.

How would you sum up the show?
World on Fire tells extraordinary stories of ordinary people. It is universal. It’s about love, about freedom, about wanting to be free when you can’t. It’s about young people who are full of life yet they’re in this difficult time and very dark place. It’s a very emotional story.

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