Here’s How Bangtan Boys Celebrated Jin’s Birthday And They Are Fussing Over How Cute Their Elder Member Is!

Here’s How Bangtan Boys Celebrated Jin’s Birthday And They Are Fussing Over How Cute Their Elder Member Is!

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Bangtan boys the biggest boyband in the world, who’s all best of friends with each other. While their ARMY loving a lot, boys couldn’t stop themselves from showing their adorable love on each one of them. For example, recently Bangtan Bomb released a video which takes us into the celebration of BTS elder boy Jin’s birthday!

Jin’s birthday marked on 4th December and the boys celebrated in a very awful way by surprising him with a cake. While they celebrated on 4th December, they’ve released the special day’s video today i.e. on January 23, 2021.

Starting the video with, Jungkook and J-Hope preparing a chocolaty cake which is customized with the cutest picture of Jin, which was clicked by V. When Jeon was lighting the candles he almost burnt his fingers that turned into an exaggerated expression and this made Hope laughed out.

Then the duo walks on with a cake towards the eldest member’s room as it was also a shoot day for them. All the members joined with them by singing Happy Birthday to their beloved Jin who was sitting with leader RM, then stood up happily by boys coming in with a surprise! Meanwhile, boys fussing over his charming reaction, which made them call Jin pretty and cute. Even Jimin, V, and RM started pulling his cheeks.

This followed by J-Hope putting over a birthday hat on his head and Jin made a wish and blew out the candles but not before quipping the lyrics of Life Goes On along with the members. We couldn’t ignore it when Jimin asked, “Jin! We’re all you’ve got right?” To which he gratefully agreed to say the same, “You guys are all I’ve got.”

To which eldest member disclosed that he waited until 1 am last night, but only his mom, J-Hope, and two people from the company contacted him, which makes only 5 in total. Further, Jimin argued that he had also sent him something, Jin said it was after 1 am while ChimChim stated it was 12:40 am. Taehyung butted in saying he wished him as soon as he came for the shoot. 

After all these cute little adorable arguments the video ends in a heartwarming note by baby Moochie kissing the birthday boy’s finger!

Checkout the full video of appealing lifelong friends video below:

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