Here’s All The Facts You Never Knew About Thor Aka Chris Hemsworth’s Body Double!

Here's All The Facts You Never Knew About Thor Aka Chris Hemsworth's Body Double!-min

While we all love our Marvel superheroes, especially the Avengers! Here’s someone who we shouldn’t ever be forgetting about:

Bobby Hanton aka Chris Hemsworth‘s body double throughout the Avengers and Thor series has seriously got to be applauded for his skilled performance as Chris’ stuntman! While we love the cinematic appearance of Thor, the sexy, cool hero just second to our very own Iron Man. Well, let’s just say we can’t override Bobby from the context, he makes all the stunts look effortlessly clean and beautiful!

However there’s much to Bobby than just being Thor at times for Marvel, here’s a look at all you need to know about this extraordinary stuntman with awe-worthy cinematic journey:

1) He has been part of many hit action films such as Mission Impossible 6, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Skyfall, or Game of Thrones, as well as Harry Potter amidst others

2) He has been also been a stunt double for other actors such as Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Jake Gyllenhaal among others.

3) He been from Marvel to DC, such as Batman: The Dark Knight Rise and Wonder Woman among others.

4) In a total, has performed in 44 feature movies.

5) Hanton has been credited for best stunt ensemble with 2 Emmy Awards, while also winning 7 SAG Awards, and 1 Critics Choice Award nomination.

6) Both, being close friends, Hanton and Hemsworth alongside their fellow trainers recently, came up with a new fitness app called Centr.

Talking about this very interesting fitness app and how it started about, Bobby Hanton revealed in an interview, “We’ve done so many movies together now, he approached me and said, ‘I’ve got this idea and I want to put this app together and get all the experts that I know and I work with and get me into shape,’” he told ET.

“It’s a no brainer for me to work with one of my very, very close friends on a new project,” he added.

In the very same interview, Bobby also couldn’t stop praising his close friend, Chris, and their beginnings of friendship. “We’ve become very, very close friends over the years and he’s helped me out in so many different ways. He’s given me opportunities that not many people would,” he said. “He’s just the nicest guy ever.”


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Well, we love the bond these two share and are very eager to witness more magic created by Marvel in the next Avengers: Endgame, as Thor aka both Chris and Bobby come to show us more action!

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