Here Is What Jungkook Revealed About His Songs In “BE-hind Story”

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In a new “BE-hind Story” video, BTS interviewed each other about BE, their creative processes, future music goals, and more. When J-Hope asked Jungkook about his songs, Jungkook explained why he writes about his own life stories.

He began by comparing songwriting to drawing. Jungkooie said, “I do have things in mind that I’d like to express, but I don’t have enough data accumulated. I have ideas, but can’t express it. Just like how you can’t draw. There are so many things inside your head, but you can’t draw it out. So there are so many things I’d like to try out and work on, but I can’t express it due to the lack of data.”

He further explained, “What I can do now is talk about my own stories since their my own experiences and those are easy to express.”

As examples, Jungkook mentioned “Still With You” and “Stay”, two songs about his personal experiences with his BTS members. “Begin”, “Euphoria”, and “My Time” were also inspired by his life with BTS.

Also, he chose “Euphoria” as the song that showcased his vocals best. He revealed the challenges he faced while recording it. He was 20 going on 21 years old.

Jungkook said, “I was lucky to have received the song ‘Euphoria, but I think my voice at the time was somewhat in between my baby-like voice of the past and my current stable voice.

He further added saying, “At the time, I was thinking a lot about my vocalizations, so I really struggled when I recorded that song. And my voice at the time of the recording was kind of like my own… [. . .] There was this raw quality to it, and my feelings were fully expressed, and I put in so much effort into my voice.”

After hearing his explanation J-Hope said, “You said your voice was in between a mature voice and your young voice, I can feel it in that song. I really get what you mean.

In this interview, he also shared why he takes so long to complete projects. and new details about his first mixtape, nicknamed JJK1.

About his project completion, he said, “I like to work focused, and if I don’t like the song I also don’t feel like showing it to other people, so it takes me a long time to work on a project. I spend lots of time repeating the process of writing and deleting. [. . .]

If the track is fixed, then I could ask for feedback in the process, but if I’m working when nothing is fixed I think about it after I complete the work.”

While sharing the envisioned for his upcoming mixtape he said, “I want to release a mixtape like this. There are three main tracks in total, and they all have music videos of their own, and they each have their own choreography, but in different styles.”

J-Hope encouraged Jungkook to experiment with his work and learn how to improve it from each release.

Hobi said, “Go for it! You should try everything you want. At this point, I think it’s good to try different things and show various aspects. I’ve told [V] about this too, but you need to come up with something first to know what my shortcomings are, and it’s also important to realize, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work for me.’

So you need to release it first in order to see all the reactions and see how people think about your work to improve to the level.”

“I’m planning on doing that,” Jungkook replied.

Watch the full “BE-hind Story” below!

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