Here Is The List Of Nominated Contestants Following Fourth Week’s Elimination : Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Here Is The List Of Nominated Contestants Following Fourth Week's Elimination : Bigg Boss Telugu 4
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Devi Nagavalli Gets Eliminated And A Bigg Bomb Of Being Safe From Upcoming Week’s Nomination Is Ariyana Glory : Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Day 22, starts with a very fun task where contestants had to enact with different emotions. Abijeet and Swati does romantic act, Swathi also performed a emotional part where her father dies, what an acting! Lasya – Noel performed on anger emotion and Gangavva – Mukku Avinash represented a fun act where Avi doesn’t want to get married and Avva his forcing him, Hilarious combination! Check out this clip.

What a stupid edit it was in the promo, this was just a part of task and the editors created a buzz of hyper among the audience, waah! Check out how they edited, terrible! Also to which Bigg Boss 2 finalist singer Geetha Madhuri already guessed it and commented “pakka skit”.

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Ariyana and Avinash are seen to be tease each other and having fun talk. On the other side other housemates teases Avi that Monal is her sister, Avinash being all centre of attraction of the house What a guy! And as it is a nomination day so Mehaboob – Divi who sat together, we’re discussing to nominate Abijeet and Harika.

So here starts the nomination part, which was something different. Where Sohel and Akhil had to be a hitman and the housemates had to make a deal with them to murder one contestant (means to nominate them) to which the contestants has also need to pay money to the hitmans after the deal. No one can nominate Gangavva because she’s a captain of the week and also Ariyana because she’s already safe from the nominations.

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Then the chain goes like this Amma Rajashekar nominates Swathi, Mehaboob nominates Abijeet, Ariyana nominates Lasya, Harika nominates Mehaboob and Sujatha nominates Kumar Sai. A hitman with maximum money is Akhil with 39000, due to which he wins and gets saved from the nominations, so now Akhil nominates Harika. Due to loosing against Akhil, Sohel gets directly nominated for the fourth week’s elimination.

So now go VOTE for a genuine person who to need to be definitely saved and perform their best as they always do. Many were sad on Devi Nagavalli leaving the house in previous episode, as many felt it was a bit unfair but it depends on audience’s vote. So your VOTE is very important guys!

Till then Stay Tuned and keep watching Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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