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In the latest BTS Run episode, BTS competed in an “entertainment quiz show.” Members were divided into three teams of two and were three rounds of various questions that had to be answered. Each round had a different amount of points.

With the collection of points, teams could acquire prizes of their choice to bet in the next round. If they gave the correct answer after placing their bet, they would get double the amount of points and if they fail to give the correct answer they wouldn’t receive points, and they would have to give up their prize.

After being given the rules and instructions, BTS soon realized that who they were teamed up with would determine their success in the game. While others thought the teams should be decided by where they were sitting, others suggested they be assigned.

Then a debate took place between them which later turned into an argument because everyone was hoping to team up with their leader RM since he has the highest IQ. They believed he would have all the answers to the quiz’s questions. The members constantly disagreed over who would be teammates with who. Some believed that their original seating should be the determining factor while others suggested they be assigned.

RM encourage all the members stating that most of the questions probably wouldn’t be based on actual knowledge. Instead, a lot of questions would be general nonsense, which others pointed out meant Jin would then be the best person to have on one’s team.

Then they all seemed to be agreeing that having Jin and RM on a team together would be unfair. 

On the other hand, Jungkook was thinking that it was still an unfair aspect to the teams because the others each had at least one of the two desired members while he was stuck with Jimin.

Shockingly later in the game “genius” RM became known as the “wrong answer genius” as he struggled to guess the correct answer to the question.

 Jin, however, continued to prove himself to be the mastermind of Run BTS! as he helped J-Hope score points.

In the third round, members were questioned based on their knowledge of various Korean province dialects. They were asked what certain phrases meant.

Jimin, V, and Jungkook are from Gyeongsang Province, while J-Hope is from Jeolla Province. V was the most confident in his knowledge. On the other hand, Jimin revealed that he had lost his Busan dialect after living in Seoul for so long.

When the question was given on Jeolla Province, Jimin actually thought he had some high hopes since his mother is from there. He soon revealed most of his knowledge might be curse words.

 let loose a string of curses that the staff bleeped out! In the next clip, Jimin playfully assured viewers that Run BTS! follows the rules about swearing on air.

What did Jimin say? We might never know, but after seeing Jungkook‘s reaction we desperately want to!

As J-hope was from there he gave his best efforts. The questions that were asked were trickier that left everyone stumped.

After J-hope got permission he phoned home for help. At first, he attempted to reach his mother but due to poor connection in the location, she didn’t answer.

Then Jimin tried to call his own mom for help but unfortunately she also didn’t answer.

After failing to reach both his mother and friend, J-hope then called his last hope, his father as he was confident that his father would know the answer and luckily his father answered Hobi’s call.

While a native dialect speaker, even J-Hope’s father was unfamiliar with the phrase in question. He claimed to have never heard it. RM laughed over the irony since J-Hope’s dad is a Korean literature teacher.

Thankfully, J-Hope’s team still scored a point for the question because his teammate Jin successfully guessed the phrase’s meaning!

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