Here Is How Japan’s Healthcare Battled The Covid-19 Pandemic. They Are Even Sharing The Information With The World


Japan has been credited with the way it has contained the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are many people who have questioned the way in which it was done. There have been many explanations for this. It has also included Japanese lifestyle and customs, such as contactless greeting(bowing instead of shaking hands).

But one factor that’s been constantly overlooked is Japan’s universal healthcare system. This was established more than 60 years ago.

All the 126 million people in the Japanese population have equal access to advanced medical care. Japan has also one of the world’s best-ranked healthcare systems. The country also has one of the longest-lived and healthiest populations.

But there has also been some other reasons why Japan has such a good healthcare system. For one, the public healthcare system has always invested in research and development. Japan wants to help other countries enhance their healthcare systems so they can best serve the needs of their people

Apart from all this, Japan has also introduced the new digital hospital. It is notable to mention that the Kitahara group of healthcare organizations is one of the medical institutions in the world. They were able to keep the virus out through strict sanitary measures as well as a cutting-edge security system.

Kitahara Hospital is also one of the hospital chains who were involved in the co-development of a highly advanced security system. This is one of the systems which grants access based on visitors’ biometric information.

The staff of the digital hospital also uses a virtual reality headsets to help stroke patients. Talk about using sophisticated technology! Japan has done it all.

Japan wants to share its medical knowhow with other countries just for increasing international brotherhood. Japan is also bringing its knowhow to Cambodia via its Sunrise Japan Hospital in Phnom Penh, as well as to other countries through training programs and seminars in Japan and overseas.

The challenge the medical experts group is facing right now is how to expand this model within Japan and to grow overseas ties including the Pacific Rim, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Japan had also been globalizing Japanese medicine. Medical care in Japan has had a domestic focus, but they are making all efforts to make an international contribution.

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