Here are the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai, where you can enjoy a good Korean meal!

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Korea has just crawled into Indian lives slows and without anyone noticing about it. While the K-pop music scene and K-dramas take the center stage in the entertainment sector, Korean cuisine is gaining momentum with food lovers as well. Given below are the 10 most popular places for Korean food you must visit.

1. Heng Bok, Bandra
This place can be called an authentic Korean place with an all-out Korean menu and the ambiance they provide will make you feel like you are in Korean. They do have an all-you-can-eat grill service too and for meat lovers they have chicken, prawns, pork, octopus, and beef stocks ready for you. If you’d like a more private and authentic experience, get their separate dining areas booked that have traditional floor seating. The ambiance makes you forget you are in the middle of Mumbai; there is Arirang TV airing Korean news and TV shows, while light music fills the room. Before you step there, you might want to check your wallet once; the restaurant is a little on the costly side.

2. And Chillies, Mahim
There is no chance of you going wrong with anything on this menu. The main cuisines they provide here are Asian, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. So there is a variety of food that one can try here. The food is at this place is generally brilliant and so the veg and non-veg starters would not fail to disappoint. For the main course, we recommend trying out the one-bowl meals here.

3. Umame (Churchgate)
This place is famous for its starters and the flying buffet that they provide. Having a variety of things on the menu from Thai to Korean cuisines this place won’t disappoint you in taste. It is a little pricey but it is worth every penny.

4.Shizusan Shophouse And Bar (Lower Parel)
The culinary world is on your platter at the Shizusan Shophouse & Bar. With a varied menu containing Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Asian, and Thai cuisines, this restaurant should be your choice if you want to explore different kinds of food. If you are going just for some Korean food, try their kimchi mushrooms and their special Kimchi Jjigae soup.

5. Sesame- Rodas hotel
With its stylish interiors complete with an abstract Zen Garden, its artful decor, floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of light, and comfortable leather seating, Sesame just wins over hearts for date-night plans, work lunches, and even private functions thanks to their private dining area. 
Talking about the food also they are excellent. The flavor and quantity that they provide are exquisite and worth it for a luxurious lunch or dinner.

6. Makita Korean cuisine
Yet another bombarding place for you. This is also known for its taste that makes people go crazy over it asking for more. The Tebbokki, Steamed egg, and honey chicken are some of the favorite dishes here. Their kimchi and kimchi pancakes are something to die for. The ambiance that they provide is very comforting and satisfying for us and they guide us through the menu so that we don’t order something wrong.

7.sun and moon
This place gives us the feeling and ambiance that we would generally receive from a local Korean restaurant. The friendly ambiance and the various menu makes this place a must-go for everyone. The kimchi mandu, Korean fried chicken, and fried prawns are some of the main dishes served here.

8. The Omakase Kitchen(Bandra)
If it is a lazy afternoon or a Saturday evening and you want to try something new well you can always order from The Omakase Kitchen. They have a variety of food but their main specialty is ramen and the different types of ramen they sell. Also, their Korean Army Stew is a delight. It contains carrots, scallions, corn, fish cakes, and kimchi. Other delicious offerings on the menu include Tori Paitan Ramen, Bibimbap, Vegetarian ramen, and a lot more. Along with Korean cuisine, the kitchen also specializes in Japanese dishes. Also, do not miss their Japanese cheesecake and mocha; they are brilliant.

9. Origami Japanese and Korean Restaurant(Powai)
Recently Origami has received great reviews from the audience for its food and ambiance. Origami is a big relief for all the vegetarians out there. Most of the other Korean restaurants only have a few vegetarian options, but there is a lot to choose from at this place. Their barbecue dishes have particularly been gaining everyone’s interest; you get to see your meat being grilled live. The restaurant is mostly suited for a beautiful candlelight dinner.

10. Bumust-you don’t have too far if you love Oriental cuisine. The omnipresent BusaGo, with several outlets across the city, serves Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine all in one place. Though their menu is very limited, you definitely won’t be disappointed with anything that you order. This is a must-go place for all food lovers.

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