Here are the list of anime to get hooked on which were the best of all in 2020!


Well, the year 2020 is considered to be a good year for all the anime lovers with new releases and fresh adaptations been done. But now the year coming to an end we have a jam-packed schedule waiting for us from birth a new year.
Given below are the top 10 anime which are listed to be released in the year 2021.
Everything from the popular isekai genre to Shonen Jump hits is posed to make 2021 a year that anime fans can’t help but be excited for

10. Re: Zero- Starting Life in another world.
Starting strong at number ten we have Re: zero releasing its first part of the second. The season is said to be released in the summertime of 2021. The show is keen to reveal some new characters with new twists and turns also to come out.
While the show currently is likely to finish the Sanctuary arc, fans can look forward to evening more plot twists that will make the whole story that much more entertaining and interesting to watch.

9. The Promised Neverland
This series had completed its manga run but in summer 2020. With now the manga catching up to the main story it can be possibly said that this arc is going to be one of the greatest arcs of this series.
The first season left off with the lead characters Emma, Ray, and several children escaping the farm and running into the forest in hopes of not getting eaten by the monsters that were trying to capture them.

8. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
This was one of the isekai type anime that caught the anime world off guard with how good its plot was. It followed the classic isekai formula, but instead of being reincarnated normally, the main character was turned into a slime.
As the story goes our main character Rimuru has the power to absorb anything the real catch is the thing that he absorbs he attains its powers. Which eventually allows him to take a human form. Later in the story, He found a nation where monsters could live in peace.

7. Fruit Basket
At number seven we have the light-hearted Honda-San with her Fruit Basket. This emotional comic drama anime has many hearts stolen and is now set to release its final season this year.
The previous 2 seasons had shown us the missing zodiac members of the family and had brought them together. This said to be the final season can have hyped us to see the future that holds for the zodiac and Honda.

6. Zombie Land Saga
Zombie Land Saga was a comedy anime that surprised fans with its fantastic premise and humor. In the show, six girls are reanimated as zombies and tasked with being idols to help save the Saga region of Japan.
The girls must keep their undead identity a secret while understanding to perform together.

5.Demon Slayer
Well, this action-packed anime is bound to be a blockbuster in the anime community and has a build-up quite a hype around it since it’s latest movie release demon slayer the mugan train.
The new season shows tanjiro continuing his journey to cure his sister by defeating the main demon Muzan. This season will be a mix of drama action and comedy all in one.

4. The Rising of Shield Hero
This is yet again an isekai concept anime with yet another successful plot twist. Here the protagonist has bestowed what should be a pretty unnecessary device, a shield, but as things tend to go in these situations, it turns out to be a great piece of device.
This is a light-hearted fun-loving anime and is receiving many positive replies from its viewers.

3.My Hero Academia
Having 4 successful seasons from the past few years MHA has grown on to people and brought crazy hype in the people. Unlike other Shonen Jump animes, this particular one likes to create gaps between increasing the demand and hype for the anime.

2. Log Horizon
On the number 2 mark, we have Log Horizon, a series that started in 2013 and has only had two seasons, leading many fans to give up hope for a third. Luckily though, 2021 is bringing the third season of the show that picks up right where the last left off.
Log Horizon takes a much different approach to the traditional “trapped in a game” genre with more focus on a more developed story with enormous adventure tones.

1. Beastars
Lastly, at number one we have Beastars. This Netflix anime starred anamorphic animals that all went to school together. As it would happen though, not all carnivores and herbivores can live together in harmony, which would eventually lead to murder.
The show explored the relationship between the different civilizations of animals while using both slice-of-life and psychological compositions to push along its fascinating plot.

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