Here are the 6 Wattpad fanfic stories that could be turned into movies!

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Wattpad is a book or precisely novel reading app that provides users with a variety of books and novels to read online and that too free. Wattpad has a variety of genres ranging from romance to horror, for history lovers mythological novels are also available. But ever wondered what would it be like if these books were adapted to a live-action movie. So here we have listed down 6 such novel stories that have movie adaption quality and would entertain you to the core.

1. Given
This magical journey was written by Nandi Taylor that shows a fierce warrior princess of a Yirba tribe called by the name Yenni. The story shows her travel to a distinct land called the “Empire of Crash” all alone in search of a cure for her father’s illness. Among all dangers what she was not warned about was the presence of dragons on the land and special a particular one. The Violet-Black Dragon Wish. He can shapeshift into a human who is muscular, beautiful, and infuriating. As the story progresses we get to know that the dragon has already claimed Yenni as his “Given” or destined mate. The way all the characters are and how the story progresses will be a sight to watch when acted out well. We guess such a magical/mythical story should be produced by Disney!! They would work wonders on each detail of the story… With Henry Calvin playing  the protagonist alongside Nina Dobrev playing the warrior princess named yenni. Also what if we brought a change here? A Korean twist??? Who do you think would fit the cast perfectly fit the cast, we feel lee dong wook as the shape shifting dragon and moon ga young as the yenni the princess.

2. The Bad boy and The Tom Boy

This is one love story that you would love to watch as a movie. This Wattpad original shows 17-year-old Macy Anderson as a tomboy who loves to play soccer, hangs out with guys, can’t stand girls except for one Jasmine who is her best friend. When she’s introduced to the British Bad boy Sam Cahill everything goes downhill. Macy having the rule of no dating meets Sam and witnesses something different in him as Sam shows his moves (on and off the soccer field) to make her think is he worth breaking the rules. If adapted well this movie will skyrocket in success… With Tom Holland and Ellen Page playing the lead roles, this book can surely turn into a big hit! Or what if this was remade in bollywood? Who do you think could play the bad boy and the Tom boy?? We think alia bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra would ace the game here! They are the perfect match for the cast…

3. Just a friend
This complicated cute love story shows a friendship between two best friends Lydia and Aston. They know everything about each other share everything with each other Aston has a hint that Lydia is in love with him but does not tell him and keeps it deep within her as she’s scared to ruin her friendship. Now as they are 18 and things start to change after a couple of moments between them will their friendship stand the test? This romantic can be promised to win many hearts as it is a warm and hearty story. What if this was remade as a Bollywood movie?! We think the best cast that could fit for this remake is Rohit Saraf as Aston and mithila palkar as Lydia what do you think? And if it would have been a Hollywood remake then for sure Noah centineo as Aston and Lili reinhart as Lydia would be perfect. What are your thoughts on this?

4. The Royal Bond
This mystical romance has a gist of tragedy and a set of hard decisions. Scarlett Madison, a young werewolf belongs to a poor family with no hopes to come up. In her struggle to come up she makes a mistake which eventually lands her in front of her soul mate who is the king of the nation. As war is started she has to make a choice: to take the throne with her mate or go back to her people in the sectors. This emotional Drama is set to attract many people if made… Who wouldn’t want a werewolf paranormal movie to be made up in bollywood..  who do you think can be the cast for this fanfic remake? And as well as a Korean remake.. we feel the best cast would be Ranveer Singh as the werewolf king and Samantha akkineni as the young werewolf. For the Korean remake we could imagine Hyun bin and park min young as the cast.

5. Sparrow ( A Mafia Romance)

Don’t let the name deceive you. If you are into a dominant romance this is one novel which when adapted to a movie you won’t miss. Serina Accardi I a sweet simple curious girl who has everything that she wants as she is provided by her loving brother. But not all peace lasts long as she lost everything on the night to man seem to be like the devil himself as she’s brought in front of the vicious world that was in front of her but was hidden to her. Lorenzo DeLuca is what’s wrong with this world. His attitude of what he wants he gets makes him a very dangerous man than makes everyone scared of him. He gained pleasure by torturing people before he killed them but when women having nothing but a dark sinful curiosity for him and no fear this makes him grow curious. This twisted love story is sure to create a new definition of love if portrayed properly in the adaption. Well when it comes to mafia no one can portray it better than Michele Morrone.. ufff!!! He could play the cold hearted Lorenzo way too well along side Dakota Johnson.

6. Confessions about Colton

What is this list without a thriller mystery? This Wattpad original is a mystery case of a boy named Colton Crest who was mysteriously missing for 2 months and then returns home. His friend Elliot Parker was happy to see him unharmed but his happiness didn’t last long as a couple of days later he finds Colton’s body dead near a lake with a confession letter that states: I Killed Colton. The question of why and who killed Colton has to be solved by Elliot as he has to find six more letters that are six more confessions about Colton. This serious thriller will be a joy to watch with epic camera angles and proper sound effects. Bollywood know for its mystery and suspense movies could take this famous Wattpad story and turn it into a movie by casting Vicky Kaushal and Raj kumar rao.

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