Here are the 10 mouth watering japanese foods that you might have seen in animes.

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Well if you are into anime especially   Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma you must be wondering if the food shown in this anime are available in reality. Well not to worry well will show you the most iconic dishes from the anime which will give you an extreme foodgasm once you try it.

1.Kasutera or Japanese Honey Cake
Starting we have the Kasutera a Japanese snack. It is a very light and delicate sponge cake,  consisting of only four ingredients: eggs, sugar, bread flour, and honey. The cake does not contain a leavening agent, and the eggs are the only reason for the rise while baking. It also doesn’t contain dairy, as it was a unique occurrence in the East Asian diet for quite a while. The cake is light and fluffy, and not overly sweet. A perfect snack for tea time!

2. Sumire Karaage Roll
If you old enough to remember the original KFC Twister in the old menus then this dish might seem a little familiar to you, but with a surprisingly good variety.
The dish has deep-fried crispy chicken thighs which are well drizzled with a delicious mixture of chilli, fish, and soy sauce inside a bed of crunchy lettuce, all wrapped neatly into a soft savoury pancake. It is a very easy and quite tasty dish to make.

3. Lemon Curd Italiano Semifreddo
This is a great delightful dessert that you have at least once. The dish includes 4 layers of mouth-watering goodness. The first layer is a moist lemon curd made from a mixture of lemon juice, butter, and olive oil. The second layer is a light, flavourful onion-based pasta sauce sponge cake topped with a sweet meringue and heavy cream ice cream. Finally covered in a layer of scattered pralines and finished with a pastry limoncello drizzle.

4. Mapo Curry Noodles
The dish is made up of three parts. The first is a soup which consists of beef broth, ginger, curry spices, and garlic. The soup is then made into gelatin and wrapped inside of a meatball of minced pork spare-ribs marinated in black pepper. All laid over a bed of spicy mapo tofu and noodles. The best part of this dish is once mastered, the curry gelatin inside of the meatball begins to melt and forms a breathtaking burst of flavours and textures.

5. Napolitan Curry Fettuccine
Fettuccine is a basic of Italian pasta dish, which whether paired with a cheesy alfredo sauce, tossed with vegetables, and some garlic and olive oil, over a sweet tomato gravy, it stands as among the top of pasta. But it’s rare of it being paired with curry. The dish is a three-layer fettuccine, the outer layers rubbed with turmeric and the inner layer with Parmesan cheese.
It is then topped with a tamari soy and curry sauce cooked in beef and chicken stock and simmered with bacon, mushrooms pepper, fennel, and green cardamom. A delicious innovation on conventional Italian cookery.

6.A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don
The A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don is made consisting of high-quality beef that is carved into elegant flower petals and then cooked to a perfect medium-rare temperature. The meat is then coupled with a magnificent garlic fried rice browned in a mixture of rendered beef tallow and butter.

7.Curry Risotto Omurice
This dish is a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine.  This wonderful medley of sweet and savoury is inspired by the popular Japan omelette souffle. But instead, it is stuffed with a buttery mixture of chicken and mango chutney risotto simmered in a broth of curry, chicken, beef, cloves, thyme, and vegetables then expertly drizzled with a honey oyster sauce and decorated with parsley.

8. Transforming Furikake Rice

A classic Japanese dish consisting of white rice, and furikake seasoning. This seasoning is a mixture of topping which is put over the rice dish is a pile of buttery, scrambled eggs and finishing it with gelatinized broth known as Nikogori made from stewed chicken wings, scallions, ginger, onions, sake, soy sauce, and sugar. The residual heat melts the gelatin broth over the seasoned rice and eggs and produces a masterwork from the easiest components.

9. Chaliapin Steak Bowl
This simple dish consists of a base of white rice topped with a juicy beef sirloin covered in finely chopped onions, garlic, and pickled plum. It is then generously drenched in a warm sauce made up of meat juice, red wine, soy sauce, and melted butter.

10.  Gotcha Pork Roast
This juicy meaty dish is made up of creamy, garlic mashed potatoes with caramelized mushrooms and onions, then completely wrapped in thick cuts of bacon to completely cover the large roast pork, and then showered in a sauce of butter, sake, soy sauce, and wine. This is one dish that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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