Here Are Some Pro Tips To Follow According to Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Artist Denika Bedrossian To Create Spring Makeup Trending & Sparkle In 2021

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As we are just around the mid-February mark, and while temperatures are still chill and the days are still short, we’ve officially glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnel, where brighter, lighter, and warmer days lay just ahead. We often think of fresh skin, bright color, and whimsical finishes.

we’re still anticipating plenty of curveballs in 2021 as we realize totems of 2020 like constant mask-wearing, less interaction, etc, This year makeup trends are unexpected and these predicted makeup trends will keep growing. You only required some tips and such products to re-create each trend at home.

Here are some insights from Hailey Bieber’s makeup artist, bareMinerals Global Makeup Ambassador, Denika Bedrossian, about makeup trends that might start to fizzle as we emerge into spring and this trend will start to sparkle. 

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Denika shares the four biggest makeup trends to expect for spring 2021 in addition to her top tips and product recommendations for achieving each look.

Trend #1: Exaggerated, Juicy Lips

With all the downtime this year and last, I feel like less is more, I’m loving an exaggerated, juicy, and hydrated lip, which is why I’m super excited for BareMinerals to launch a brand-new gloss that will be coming out later this month.

Denika Bedrossian,

According to Bedrossian, the newcomer will be the ultimate hybrid—one part shiny gloss, one part nourishing balm, and equal parts buttery, heavenly, and layer friendly. 

Pro tip: Try applying your balmy gloss directly onto your lips with the applicator as well as tapping it out with your finger for a softer finish.

Trend #2: Silky Serums

In 2021’s spring Bedrossian really sees skincare and dewy serums, in particular, stealing the limelight in order to achieve luminous, fresh-looking skin. 

She recommends swapping out any heavy foundations for glow-inducing skincare elixirs. Then, if you decide you want a little more coverage, you can go with a lightweight foundation after the fact. 

“To get a really moisturized and refreshed look, I love two different collections by BareMinerals—both the Ageless and the SkinLongevity lines. My daily go-to is the SkinLongevity Long Life Herb Serum. It leaves your skin dewy, nourished, and silky.”

Denika Bedrossian,

Pro tip: Make your serum multitask! Bedrossian recommends using it on its own, in lieu of your normal primer, under foundation and at night before bed. 

Trend #3: Barely-There Foundation

Even though we’re excited to dabble in the bare-yet-glowing skin trend Bedrossian mentioned above, there will always be times when we want an extra hit of subtle coverage. For times like these, Bedrossian recommends opting for a liquid mineral-foundation formula (or anything that feels ultra-comfortable and lightweight on your skin) this coming spring. 

“A great foundation that is clean and lightweight will be a perfect purchase this spring,” she confirms. “My favorite foundation right now is the OriginalLiquid Mineral Foundation from BareMinerals. It’s extremely versatile and great for all skin types. Plus, its naturally luminous finish wears all day without clogging pores, causing breakouts, or settling into lines. It’s become my go-to foundation for myself and my clients.”

Denika Bedrossian,

Pro tip: A flawless foundation finish is pretty dependent on how seamlessly the formula can blend and melt into your skin, and according to Bedrossian, warming your bottle up by shaking it really well is an easy hack to help things along. Then, go in with your fingers. “Use your fingers to dot, sweep, and press—the warmth from your body helps to warm up the product, allowing it to melt perfectly into the skin,”

Trend #4: Virtual Color-Matching

“Since in-store testing isn’t an option at the moment, it’s really great to have virtual classes and color-matching,” says Bedrossian. “Lots of brands, including BareMinerals, offer these things and help you find the perfect shade.”

Denika Bedrossian,

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