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In Episode 137, BTS continued their “entertainment quiz show.” They competed against each other in teams of two to win their choice of prizes at the end of the episode.

While J-Hope and Jin did well in the last episode, the duo struggled to score points this time as younger members were making all the correct guesses and it appeared like, Jin and J-Hope might never catch up with the rest. But they turned the tables and won the game.

In the last round, BTS played an old but familiar game to Run BTS! viewers as they guessed their own songs through the acting. The members acted out titles and lyrics that the others should correctly recite to score the points. The choreography was forbidden!

The staff decided to twist the game at the last minute. They recognized that 990 points were needed to score the coveted prize of premium Korean beef. Considering the lowest score of 310 for J-Hope and Jin’s team, the director announced that the very last question of act would score the winning team a whopping 600 points!

This round was make-or-break for the boys as they would be able to score 100 points! It was nearly two years since they last played the game, and some did better than others.

Right before being given the last question, Jimin acted out lyrics for “Dionysius.” Things were looking up for J-Hope and Jin, and they scored 100 points, moving them up to a total of 410 points.

With a minor change to the final scoring, the staff gave everyone one last fighting chance as the last question would now score the team 580 points. Whoever guessed first and correctly would win the game!

This time, one of the staff participated in the game, acting out the song. It didn’t take long before Jin, RM, and V raised their hands to guess. By just a few seconds, Jin beat out the others. However, his guess was not correct.

It seemed as if maybe RM and V would have it after all, but Jin was given one more chance, and he took it! Lucky for him, he did!

Jin successfully guessed the lyrics, winning the game and the beef for himself, J-Hope, and Suga who was out for recovery from surgery.

After jin won the  Korean beef, he unfortunately made a mistake by announcing that he would choose red ginseng from the prize table if he won Rock, Paper, Scissors against the staff.

V and RM both wanted to win a bottle of wine. Jungkook initially said he would choose the pear and bellflower extract, but when he won…

…he snatched up the wine instead!

The look of betrayal on V and RM’s faces deserves to be immortalized in a painting and passed down to future generations. It is just that priceless.

“Do you want it?” Jungkook asked V, teasing him.

Plot twist! When V won Rock, Paper, Scissors, he took out his loss on Jin by choosing the red ginseng. Poor Jin was just minding his own business, but thanks to Jungkook and V, he “lost his will to fight.”

Also, Each member was given the chance to call a friend or family member to help him answer quiz questions, and Jungkook and V called his mother for rescue.

As for the 1st round, the members had to guess the song after listening to it for only a second. Jungkook and V both managed to keep correctly guessing the answers whether it was their song or not.

Things quickly became difficult when a snippet of a song consisted of what sounded like a car engine or, as Jimin pointed out, someone putting their phone on a table.

Even as the staff played longer clips, none of the members seemed to know what the song could be! It was only once the group heard the voices that they seemed to finally realize what it was. Unfortunately, nobody knew the title!

While the members discussed what it could be, V took advantage of the chaos and decided to phone his mom for help!

With the group’s name, V hoped that his mom would know what this mystery song was! Yet, like the members, she didn’t know the answer!

Jungkook then took the opportunity to phone his mom, who he hoped would finally be able to give them the song’s name!

When the track started playing, Jungkook’s mom seemed to recognize the song but couldn’t remember the title. It felt like the members lost all hope of getting the answer.

Luckily, just as the producers were going to say the title, Jungkook’s mom finally got the answer, with some help from his dad. Identifying the song as Yung Turks Club‘s “Affection,” Jungkook and Jimin got the point which got them very excited!

Also when JK’s mom correctly answered a question, Jungkook and his teammate Jimin jumped out of their chairs. “Mom!” Jungkook shouted into the phone, overjoyed.

 Jimin said excitedly, “Mother, mother  it’s me, Jimin! It’s Jimin. Jimin!

Jungkook’s mom sweetly replied to Jimin  by telling him she loves him and he was thrilled! “Thank you, mother,” he said. “We got it right thanks to you!”

had to guess instrumental versions of songs after just one second! It actually seemed easy enough, especially when they were their own songs.

All of a sudden, the staff threw in other music artists’ songs into the mix! Many of the songs were classics, which, luckily for RM‘s team, V is a fan of!

The rest of the group, especially Jimin and Jungkook had no trouble guessing their own songs. When it came to other artists’ hits, back-to-back, V nailed it in his guessing! He correctly answered songs, Brown Eyes‘ “Don’t Go Don’tand SG Wannabe‘s “Timeless.”

V would have been on a three-way winning streak, except Jin beat him with another timeless classic, Park Hyo Shin‘s “Wildflower.” Later, Jin explained that “Wildflower” is one of his go-to songs for karaoke.

Despite the competition, the ballad brought the opposing teams together! V broke out into song only to be followed by Jin and his teammate and hypeman J-Hope. In the middle of the game, we were all treated to a spontaneous concert!

Once again, it proves to be a testament that music bonds us together.

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