Here are 8 movies that should have ended with a different twist!

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Throughout the years Bollywood has created marvellous epics that have amazed the fans to its core. But there are some movies that ended in a way some fans didn’t think it should. So today we have brought of list movies with an alternate ending that would have suited the film.

1.Ye jawani hai deewani

Originally showing Bunny gets settled with Naina the alternate ending here should have shown Bunny and Naina meeting up before their friends Avi and Aditi marriage ceremony. Naina of course not waiting for anyone gets married while Bunny is in his dream world. Both couldn’t be any happier seeing their friends doing the marriage rituals. Bunny notices all the smiles and suddenly feels an empty void inside of him. His phone rings and in a few minutes he is off for a new adventure with Ilahi playing in the background.


Having a tragic ending no one could help but to have a happy ending for an alternative to this. As Veera continues to live In the woods alone she gets to know that Mahabir is still alive and after a bit of searching she finds him and gets married to him and live a happy life.


The alternate ending to this movie would be Gautam and Veronica travel All the way to India to meet their fried Meera, and after meeting her Gautam goes to his kneel but her to propose to Veronica. They also confess that it was a plan all along for Veronica and that Gautam loves her no matter what. Meera states it’s true and the three friends hug it out.

4.Kuch Kuch Hota hai

An alternative ending to this classic would go as follows. It would show Rahul attending Anjali’s wedding and cries at her are arrival. But he realises that he has not been a best friend to her since college and now that she has found a very good guy he should not be a fool to interrupt this. Anjali smiles at Rahul and He returns the smile with his own and Anjali finally finds her best friend back in Rahul.

5.Aye Dil Hai Mushkil

The alternate ending here would show Ayan as a very popular singer but is heartbroken. But has not lost hope. One day he sees Alizeh in a park and all his early feelings take over him again but before meeting her he notices that she is with her child and husband Ali and is in a happy married life. He feels it would be bad to intrude in her life so he leaves.

6.Kabir Singh

In this alternate ending, Kabir after long meets Preethi who is pregnant with Kabir’s child. Kabir is overjoyed and asks Preethi to come with him. To this Preethi refuses and slaps Kabir and gives him a dose of his own medicine ‘anger’. She states why she doesn’t want to be with him anymore and leaves the place like a new alpha.

7.English Vinglish

This movie had a debate for a long on having an alternative ending and if it would have had one it would have gone as follows. Shashi gives a big speech about the family and the roles and resources that go in hand. At the end of the speech, she concludes by saying that by learning the value of family she now knows that she deserves more and leaves her current family. Taking a ladoo she walks towards Laurent gives it to him and walks out with him as the crowd cheers.

8.Aashiqui 2

Over here for the alternate ending, it would be shown that Rahul gets to know that Arohi is planning to end her career for him so he realises that it’s high time he works his way. Going to rehab and getting back to his feet took him some months or even years but he got back. Rahul and Arohi are now married and also are celebrating Rahul going clean for 5 years. During this, a couple comes to take Arohi’s autograph. Rahul smile as Arohi signs the paper and it starts to rain. The couple who to the autograph is seen to recreate the kissing under the jacket scene that Arohi and Rahul did. Seeing that Arohi and Rahul smile and be together as the movie ends.

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