Here are 5 Instagram Fashion Enthusiasts Who have Great and Quite relatable Fashion Sense That One Must Check Out !

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People are often confused on the type of fashion that they should follow and how they should present themselves in front of other on a daily basis looking fresh and eye catching to them. Today we have gathered a list of five such fashion influencer who have a stunning sence of fashion and are relatable to common people.

1. Rachel Ward

Going by the insta handle rachelward_e, she is a fashion blogger and upload new trends and tips on instagram on a daily basis. Apart from all the high class fashion work that she presentes Rachel all presents various techniques on how to give your daily wear a trendy and ethnic look.  From formal to casuals she has a unique way to use the colours which makes her outfit impressive and noticeable.

Instagram handle: @rachelward_e

To view her profile:

2.Bhavya Arora

Her instagram handle goes by bhavyakamainaccount. She is an Indian fashion enthusiast and has her own way when it comes to fashion. Most people have trust issues in getting things online . They are tensed about the quality of the product and that’s where she comes in. Bhavya makes sure that anything that her fans buy are of top quality and also in their price range. Along with that she provides day to day tips on various things from dressing sense to dressing hacks she’s got it all covered.

Instagram handle: @bhavyakamainaccount

To view her profile:

3.Masoom Minawala Mehta

All of you by know might know Masoom. She is one of the fastest growing fashion Blogger in the world. Her main idea is to bring Indian fashion and share it with the world. Showing everyone that Indian fashion is nothing but magestic. The way she works with her outfits is completely unique. From formal Indian wear to casual as well as traditional fashion is covered by her. She also covers party wears for her fans and also provide tips that could make any dress special.

Instagram handle: @masoomminawala

To view her profile:


The foreveryoursbetty instagram holder has done a good job in bringing vibrant colours and creating an eye-catching form of fashion for the fans. From stylish sporty ware to dashing casuals she’s got it all done.

Instagram handle: @foreveryoursbetty

To view her profile:

5.Irene Kim

Irene is an Asian fashion enthusiast and posts pics and videos of her way of fashion almost everyday. Being a Korean fashion enthusiast her fashion scene leans towards more sassy looks. She gives out many fashion goals to her fans in giving her causal outfit more of a sassy sexy vibe. She also provide tips and tricks on developing a good outfit for various occasions whether It be a late night party or a formal occasions.

Instagram handle: @ireneisgood

To view her profile:

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