Happy Birthday, Versatile King: A Look Into Prakash Raj’s Variable Roles From His Extraordinary Career!

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Many versatile actors and great performers will come and go but Prakash Raj is what he is! The man with the sweetest heart in reality but has many different shades of faces in a reel film life, which is uncommon in the history of cinema.

Presented many different roles from darker than evil, a cruel man, a torture/bad villain to an innocent human, from worst father to a simple middle-class father with a normal sweetheart and what not words will be lesser to explain such artist.

You only have a look at various roles played by Prakash Raj on the occasion of him turning 56-year-old today and be ready to blow your minds!

Take a look:

  • Madhavan in AASAI

The man who is worst than evil in this, who drenches a little baby in the rain, suffocates his wife, kills a puppy, kills his superior, and makes it look like an accident.

  • Tamil Selvam in IRUVAR

It is one of the masterpieces presented by Mani Ratnam, starring Mohanlal with Prakash Raj who aces the role of Tamizhselvan which spans all shades of gray, who is a restraint, a face that reveals little and yet betrays a mind that’s constantly plotting.

  • Narasimha in ANTAHPURAM

The National-award-winning role of Prakash Raj. The character with a very different look is a bit twisted in his adherence to feudal beliefs.

  • Ali Bhai in POKIRI

Though it’s a superstar Mahesh Babu film in the lead the special mention always goes to Prakash Raj who was the center of attraction too, with his character who owns shades like entertainer, quirky, and eccentric main villain which became the best thing about the film.

  •  Neelakantam in GANGOTRI

A father who is very obsessed with his one and only daughter Gangotri, pre-born of her he was told that due to some reasons all the babies born to him die. So, when his daughter falls in love with a guy (Allu Arjun) he all plans to kill him which makes his daughter suicide and he realizes when she is saved. This role of Prakash Raj is quite marvelous and scintillating, which takes his acting skills to another level.

  • Aravind in BOMMARILLU

A father who is just like any other in the world, who works hard into five best to their children but when they don’t listen to their children and just go on demanding on their choices make the worst. That becomes the film of the father-son-centric film, which is unlike any other flick and comes under the best Telugu films of all time.

  • Venkadam in KANCHIVARAM

This film is considered to be one of the best performances presented by Prakash Raj and it ended up winning a National Award for him as Best Actor as earlier he received Nation Award for supporting role and also another award for Best Film.

  • Ganapathy in OK KANMANI

A very innocent, kind-hearted man and a protective husband who cooks are caretaking of her wife who has a problem of forgetting things and sometimes goes missing, and Ganapathy being old is always in search and protect for her is sweet as how senior citizen couple is very fond of each other.


The man is a very kindhearted villager and his two sons. Classy and dignified, this is probably one of his quietest mainstream roles of Prakash Raj which presented a very different shade of him and also one of the best and one of the highly appreciated roles.

  • Maharani in APPU

A completely different role from any other, in this film Prakash Raj as Maharani, is a transwoman who runs a brothel. He is the film’s villain. Still, he plays the character with a self-awareness that renders Maharani both human and not-so-human. 

  • Dr. MK Nair in ATHIRAN

Appearance in a cameo role at the climax for few minutes but truly created an impact as he played the role of detective and Dr. MK Nair is the major twist of the film is what mind-blown the viewers.

And the story behind this small cameo is Director of the flick Vivek who was making his debut with his craft and when he approached Prakash Raj for the role, without thinking and being the superstar already and believed in the role which made him immediately say ‘yes’ and supported the debut director. That is so sweet of him, as I told you above how is in real-life.

Isn’t he truly deserve the tag of ‘Versatile King’? He should be official to receive that tag soon. Also, there are many, many more other shades of character list and these were just a few of them, though every character creates its imagine before watching Prakash Raj is the man who completely changes our perspective with the variations that he brings to one role.

On the special day of yours, here wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of ‘entertainment’, bless you a healthy life and keep coming up with various films to make our minds blow as you always do.

And mentioning his upcoming films, you won’t believe he has eight films or more than that in a row, hailing from different language industries which definitely keeps us in big suspense and awaiting.

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