Pollution, Stress, Deadlines? Wildly Pure's Salon-Quality Hair Care Solution For GenZ & Millennials!

Wildly Pure offers a comprehensive range of hair care products to address every hair type and concern From anti-hair fall shampoos and volumizing conditioners to their deeply nourishing hair masks and frizz-fighting serums.

By Dhwani Joshi
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New Delhi (India), June 14: Between the endless hustle, side hustles, social media pressures, and the ever-present environmental woes, it's a miracle our hair doesn't revolt! Pollution, stress, and hectic schedules can leave even the most luscious locks feeling dull, dry, and damaged.


But fear not, fellow mane tamers! Wildly Pure bursts onto the scene as a knight in shining armour (or rather, a bottle with a sleek design) for your frazzled tresses. This brand isn't just about achieving salon-worthy results at home; it's about offering high-performance, clean hair care that aligns with your conscious consumer values.

The Wildly Pure Solution

At Wildly Pure, the ethos is simple: professional-grade hair care that’s both accessible and eco-friendly. "Purely Professional, Wildly You!" is not just a tagline but a commitment to bringing salon-quality treatment to every home. Wildly Pure believes in delivering outstanding results for every hair type, supported by clinical science, without the exorbitant price tag often associated with luxury hair care products.


"We are passionate about revolutionising the hair care industry with products that combine the best of nature and science. Our mission is to make high-quality hair care accessible and sustainable," reflect Aditya Mantoo and Ankush Mantoo, co-founders of Wildy Pure.


 Why Wildly Pure is Your Hair's New BFF?


Forget the hefty price tags of salon treatments. Wildly Pure prioritises accessibility, making top-notch hair care available to everyone. As the co- founders themselves say, "We're not just a hair care brand – we are a movement dedicated to transforming the personal care landscape." 


Here's what sets them apart:


·         Clean Beauty Champion: They've eliminated a whopping 20 toxins from their formulas, ensuring your hair gets the best, sans the nasties.

·         Science-Backed Solutions: Forget empty promises. Wildly Pure uses clinically proven ingredients and technologies to deliver real results, like stronger strands, reduced frizz, and effective dandruff control.

·         Nature's Finest Blend: Think globally sourced, premium natural ingredients like plant-derived proteins and nourishing oils.


·         Sustainable Soul: Eco-conscious consumers rejoice! Wildly Pure adheres to Sephora's Clean Beauty standards, meaning their products are kind to your hair and the planet.


The Ingredients Behind the Magic


Polypeptides: Helps in hair growth and protects hair and scalp by reducing inflammation.

Potent Olive biomolecule:  100X power of normal olive oil helps fight frizziness in hair

Biofunctionalized Carbocysteine + Polypeptide Coating: Vital for keratin structure, contributing to hair strength and health.


Plant Keratin: Increases strength and elasticity and reverses adverse effects of chemical damage.


These ingredients, along with a blend Bio Elixir that has 20 oils from nuts, seeds, herbs, and fruits. With advanced formulations like hyaluronan concentrate and biofunctional carbocysteine, ensure that Wildly Pure products deliver superior results.

Wildly Pure is more than just a brand; it’s a movement. By building a community of dermatologists, dietitians, and influential individuals who believe in their products, Wildly Pure is setting new standards in the hair care industry. Their omni-channel distribution ensures that these transformative products are easily accessible through leading e-commerce platforms, retail chains, and salons.

Wildly Pure offers a comprehensive range of hair care products to address every hair type and concern. From their anti-hair fall shampoos and volumizing conditioners to their deeply nourishing hair masks and frizz-fighting serums, they've got your hair covered (literally!).

In a world that throws endless challenges our way, Wildly Pure empowers you to embrace your wild side, with confidence that starts at the root (pun intended) of your hair. Their commitment to clean beauty, innovative formulations, and accessible pricing makes them the perfect partner for your mane journey.

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