"Master These Hair Oiling Tips for the Ultimate in Healthy, Gorgeous Hair!"

Who doesn’t like a relaxing champi? Isn’t it so calming and relaxing? Well, not only does a hair oiling relax you but it has enormous benefits for your hair and scalp health. Here are some oiling tips to make your hair game on point.

Apply oil on clean scalp

Before hair wash our scalp is dirtiest , filled with debris, pollution, sweat, oil etc. Massaging before wash can cause folliculitis i.e small white pimples in the scalp. So oil should always be applied on clean scalp.

Oil the ends

As suggested by dermatologists, the hair oil should be applied to the ends. The major reason for this is the natural oils do not make it till the length so it dries the hair out. To nourish the ends the oil should be applied to the lengths.

The best way to apply oil is post-bath

This way, you are sealing the wet hair with oil. This helps to hydrate the hair effectively. Non-greasy and light weight oils are the best to apply.

Apply a little amount

When applying hair oils, start with a modest amount, around the size of a pea on your palm. if you apply too much oil, it will feel greasier and can cause hair loss.

Warm it before applying

Moderately warm the oil before applying for deeper penetration. It also helps seal the hair cuticles and keeps the scalp moisturized.


The most essential step in oiling part is a good massage. Massaging your hair with oil can help in good blood circulation to the scalp and also relaxes muscles which tends to hair growth and healthy hair.

Always mix an essential oil with carrier oil

Essential oils are highly concentrated products that need diluting to make them safe. Applying essential directly is a big no! Always mix some drops of essential oil with your base oil like coconut, almond etc to get better results.