Gunjan Saxena Review : You Should Watch This Movie To Know The Story Of An Inspiring Woman And Learn Something In Return


If you are reading this review only to find out how much I am gonna praise Pankaj Tripathi, then you are absolutely right. I am gonna praise him in like every other line.

Blame it on his performance. A delight to watch on the screen always, Pankaj Tripathi literally enters your heart and settles beautifully without even seeking your permission, his character graph is such a beauty and the arc of it on the screen has been etched beautifully as he plays a father, an ideal father, a father we are not much used to seeing, a father we all want and well, the list will go on.

The camaraderie between Pankaj Tripathi and Janhvi Kapoor has been the wow factor for me in the movie and I am sure, everyone will love them too. Janhvi Kapoor as Gunjan Saxena has definitely scored big with this role. She has done justice to it, the hardwork is seen and ofcourse she has put her top notch form on the screen.

Without revealing much. The story is of a young girl who dreams big and is ambitious to become a pilot. She is so passionate about her dream that she persues it even after the people around her constantly remind her that she is a girl and that becoming a pilot is a challenge as not many woman make it in that career.

Well, followed by some challenges, Gunjan does make a bold move when she seriously puts forward her interests in front of her parents and brother. Her parents played by Ayesha Raza Mishra and Pankaj Tripathi were quite adorable as the mother and father to Gunjan Saxena.

While as a concerned mother, she did not really support the thought but the father came in support of Gunju (Gunjan addressed as Gunju in the movie with love).

He helped her reach for her dreams. There were lot of hurdles but Gunjan’s determination got her IAF officer badge and that’s when she took the real plight.

However, the plight that seemed to be Gunjan’s dream did not really turn out the way she thought. What happened next is what you guys should go and watch and most importantly the KARGIL WAR! Well, that part is a WINNER. We won’t really reveal much cause that’s highlight of the movie and you guys should watch it yourself.


As an audience, I loved how the story develops. There are certain scenes which are a little overdramatized, which could have been avoided but that is a passable flaw.

The screenplay is really good. The way the movie starts and then ends with the Kargil war scene, it’s a good storyboarding on paper that we are watching on screen.

Nikhil Mehrotra as the writer and Sharan Sharma as the director have pretty well handed over the audience a good watch, a deserving ode and an absolutely inspiring movie.

The Music and Dialogue:

Amit Trivedi’s music is another factor that makes this movie entertaining. What I really liked that this man knows how to use his expertise in music without going overboard. There is a song that focuses on Gunjan trying to lose weight and her father is helping her, Amit Trivedi puts up a song Rekha Rekha with upbeat music and yet delivers a number that will give you that adrenaline rush. A true genius isn’t it ? All the songs goes well with the movie.

Dialogues of the movie are like cherry on the cake. Pankaj Tripathi has the best dialogues, it just hits right into the strings of your heart. As a woman when I hear a man say things like that, it feels like poem to the ears. The dialogues are a life lesson in itself and there are many takeaways.


Pankaj Tripathi, it will be disgraceful for me to pen down few adjectives to describe the kind of performer he is. Never disappoints, only makes us fall in love with his performances in each movie. He has this certain likeability which is hard to let go off. As the father of Gunjan Saxena, he was supposed to support her, his performance as a father seemed so real that it did not look forced, over or extreme, he played his part so well that I could actually see my father in him.

Janhvi Kapoor, she is just one film old, everyone is ready to attack her for her second film (Ghost stories was not really a feature film) because of the ongoing debate around star kids. Well, she has delivered a real good performance with Gunjan Saxena. Admit it or not, she has put in her best efforts to shine on as Gunjan and she did. Her sweet, relatable, ambitious, sensitive parts have come out really well. Just few selective 2-3 scenes which required a little more valour and intensity, those were the scenes where I feel she fell a little flat, but not so much that we can totally disregard her entire performance which was absolutely beautiful.

Vineet Kumar, underrated, underrated and underrated. This man needs more and more movies and more appreciation cause he deserves it. Only a true performer would know the right amount of emotions to bring out in his performance. His role was in a grey area, he did not for a bit felt like a villain or a sexist maniac in a profession, he never overdid his emotions, his character was a sexist in the movie but he played his part so well that as an audience I felt like saying, hey such people exist everywhere but they dont really wear the evil mask and you are just perfect.

Angad Bedi , as Gunjan’s brother, he played an important role and reflected how the society as a whole would react to the idea of a young girl pursuing her dreams to become a pilot, it surely is one challenging role where he neither has to be anti- hero yet put out the stereotypes of a society playing the role of her brother. He totally nailed such complex character with such ease.

Manav Vij, he is tough but also a relief for us in the movie but not for Gunjan in real. You wouldn’t get until you watch him in movie. He plays his part with such finesse. His performance is surely one to look out for and we are wanting to see more of him in coming movies.

Lastly, the movie is a must watch for the story of Gunjan Saxena, it’s inspiring, its relatable and it has a simplicity that kind of appeals to audience. Do add Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl to your watch list.

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