Gullak Season 2 Review – A Piggybank Of Brilliant Direction, Clever Writing And Superb Acting Will Sweeten Up Your Mood

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Life is a simple journey and yet we make it complicated. Few folks makes life harder trying to seek happiness in more luxurious way of living while few enjoy the moment in small things. 

From the house of TVF Play, Gullak is probably one of the best web-series to come out which is completely entertaining, beautifully scripted with natural performances by the star cast

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While we got introduced to the beautiful world of Mishra family in Gullak Season 1 where we witness what happens in typical Indian middle-class – quarrels, fights, struggle, conciliate, facing budget-constraint, pulling each others leg and yet accepting and being there for each other. Season 2 deep-dives into each character of Mishra family which takes the story forward. 

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Thanks to the OTT platform, small town stories have become the flavor of the season. While movies and web-series have made audience adore the simplicity of these places, the culture followed by locals with no flashy and grandeur sets makes it real enhanced by situational comedy to watch since you might never know what will come next and the surprise element that will make you laugh-a-loud. This is where Gullak scores. The web-series is intrinsic to its core right from the beginning with hilarious moments enough to tickle your funny-bone. Few scenes will definitely bring down the house as the we see Mishra family rib-tickling dialogues.

There is something about TVF’s content which will touch the right chord of your heart. The team behind impeccable dramas like Permanent Roommates, TVF Pitchers, Flames, Kota Factory, TVF’s Tripling , Cubicles etc, Gullak is yet another feather on their cap which is beautifully directed by Palash Vaswani and Amrit Raj Gupta and cleverly written by Nikhil Vijay (2019 Season 1) , Shreyansh Pandey and Durgesh Singh. Technically, the cinematography capturing the beautiful locales of a small town while art direction is simple yet powerful. While I would recommend to watch the Season 1 to get the feel of Mishra family’s household environment, Season 2 does have emotional and heart-warming scenes.

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The chemistry between Papa (Jameel Khan), Mummy (Geetanjali Kulkarni), Annu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) and Aman (Harsh Mayar) is so real as if they are actually part of Mishra family. Each and every actor has played their part with aplomb. Voice of Shivankit Singh Parihar (Gullak) goes well running at the frequent interval. Sunita Rajwar as the troubling neighbor is brilliant as usual.

So overall, Gullak Season 2 will make you believe and adore your family even more after watching. It is a fun ride all the way !!

Highly recommended – 4/5

Gullak Season 2 has 5-episodes which is streaming on SONY LIV

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