Greyhound Movie Review (2020)- Tom Hanks Sails The Ship In Visually Appealing War Drama


For many folks, war drama is either serious, boring or preachy. But what if you get the chance to watch a war drama which is adventurous, action-driven and powerful, wouldn’t you give it a shot ? Welcome onboard to Greyhound as this ship will take you a real-time adventure which is stunning and electrifying 

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Based on the The Good Shepherd by C.S Forester, Greyhound tells the story of first timer U.S Navy Commander, Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks), who must steer his merchant navy ship through the series of attacks by German submarine during the Battle Of Atlantic (in which convoys coming from North America and going to United Kingdom and Soviet Union were protected by British and Canadian air forces) in the year early 1942.

Directed by Aaron Schneider, Greyhound takes no time and immediately swing into action which is full of surprises, shocks and pain requiring courage, honesty, discipline and sacrifice to perform your duty. Aaron Schneider sets the right context from the very beginning of the film infusing the adrenaline rush in you as the series of attacks begins especially after 10 minutes of the film. 

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At this point there is no turning back as Aaron Schneider keeps the film engaging with nail-biting and tense moments until the evidence of first submarine burst with oil shows up on the sea. The threat continues as the German submarines, like a pack of wolves, begin surrounding Greyhound, which is desperately waiting for the air force to cover up.

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While the first half was filled with what-will-happen-next moments, the second half continues the momentum and delivers a knock-out victory as the US convey succeeds to sail pass through German submarines. The only cliche was the climax which could have made this movie an epic. 

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While writing, also by Tom Hanks is witty, the highlight of the movie is the eye-popping cinematography by Shelly Johnson. Each and every frame is beautifully captured with perfect light and shadow. The art direction by Tom Frohling and Lauren Rosenbloom is excellent as it will make sure you are drawn into a war scene. Brownie points for the background score by Blake Neely for uplighting each scene with aplomb (might remind you of Dunkirk) and tight boxed-in editing by Mark Czyzewski and Sidney Wollinsky.

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Coming to the performance, it is Tom Hanks’s stellar show all the way. The powerhouse of talent deep-dives into the character of Captain Krause as it was tailor-made film for him and the actor plays role to T. The supporting actors do justice to their part. 

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Overall, Greyhound is an epic war drama which is filled with nail-biting moments that will surely give an adrenaline rush. Brilliant 3.5/5

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