Godzilla Vs Kong Movie Review – Spectacular Saga That Will Give You Goosebumps

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Godzilla Vs Kong is a follow up to Godzilla: King Of Monsters (2019) which was a sequel to the 2014 monster hit Godzilla (2014). In parallel, the King Kong film, Kong : The Skull Island, was released in 2017. Now, Warner Bros have unleashed their monster universe, Godzilla Vs Kong, which was released simultaneously both in theaters across India and HBO max. 

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In Godzilla Vs Kong we could see that Kong is being carried to Antarctica to find the birthplace of titans. Meanwhile, the scientists are still trying to figure out why Godzilla, who was helping mankind before, has turned against them. A company Apex is planning to traverse into the hollow surface of the earth using Kong as bait to extract energy which will be used to replace Godzilla.

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Directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch 2016, You’re Next and The Guest), the trailer of Godzilla Vs Kong was spectacular when it was unveiled on 24th January this year and created mammoth expectations for the fans who have been following the living legends. While the introduction of King Kong was not as impressive as Peter Jackson’s epic saga, I liked the way he communicates with Iwi girl. We also get to see how Godzilla attacks the Apex facilities as the scientist are still trying to figure why Godzilla is attacking humans where as in the previous films, he was the hero of mankind. The story progresses and we finally get to see the first round of epic battle between Kong and Godzilla which will give you goosebumps ( I would recommend you to watch it in theaters to experience the heavy-driven CGI as we see legends kick each other ass).

King Kong is defeated and is finally being taken to the hollow surface of the earth which turns out to be a surprise as bunch of teenagers unravels the evil plan behind Godzilla going against the mankind. The plot thickens as we are introduced to ruthless Mechagodzilla, a better and larger robotic version of Godzilla, who gets out of human control,  As the Kong and Godzilla goes in for the second round of battle in HongKong, Godzilla defeats Kong but never kills him. However, Godzilla faces a bigger challenge in form of Mechagodzilla. So now, it is Kong and Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla which creates a huge impact in the climax.

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It should be noted that Hollywood films have done well in terms of camera work and CGI when it comes to any monster films. However, except for Peter Jackson’s King Kong which stands out from the crowd thanks to the brilliant direction, none of monster films keeps you engaged. This is where Godzilla Vs Kong score. The film is 114 minutes long but never bores you down even though it is flawed with questionable scenes like teenagers entering a highly secured facility without even being traced. I also felt, Godzilla Vs Kong should have added more action sequences as we only get to see legends fighting only for few time. Nevertheless, the fight scenes, drama and sequence of events were enough to keep you entertained.

Overall, Godzilla Vs Kong is the adrenaline-pumping monster flick which should be experienced and enjoyed. Highly recommended 3.5/5

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6 comments, 18 shares, 105 points

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