Godzilla Vs Kong 2nd Sunday Box Office – Crosses 45 Crore

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Despite the government restriction on key places in India, Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, Godzilla Vs Kong, was still able to make its place to the top position at the box office with stellar results.

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Godzilla Vs Kong had opened to a good response in the morning shows across India yesterday thanks to a solid trailer which had generated a encouraging views (71 million) while Warner Bros have done a good job in promoting the film over social media. Released in multiple languages, the monster action flick did very well especially in South India, summing up the first day total to Rs 6.40 crore and beating other Hollywood films like Wonder Woman and Tenet (both released by Warner Bros as well). Godzilla Vs Kong also defeated the highest opening Bollywood of the season – Roohi, which collected Rs 2.90 crore on its first day. The monster drama held well its position on Thursday with Rs 5.40 crore while Friday was good with Rs 4.22 crore followed by a superb growth on Saturday with Rs 6.42 crore and slightly grew on Sunday with Rs 6.52 crore, bringing the first weekend collections to a staggering Rs 28.96 crore.

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Godzilla Vs Kong held very well on Monday collecting Rs 3.94 crore followed by Rs 2.73 crore on Tuesday and Rs 2.29 crore on Wednesday. As per early estimates, the monster action drama collected somewhere between Rs 1.50-1.75 crore, bringing the first and extended week collections to Rs 40.07 crore.

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The monster drama held well on 2nd Friday as there were no major releases, collecting Rs 2.15 crore followed by a growth on Saturday with Rs 2.47 crore. As per early estimates, Godzilla Vs Kong dropped slightly to Rs 2.20 crore on second Sunday, bringing the 13 days total to Rs 45.60-45.80 crore.

Godzilla Vs Kong is produced by Legendary pictures and is directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch 2016, You’re Next and The Guest). Godzilla Vs Kong is a follow up to Godzilla: King Of Monsters (2019) which was a sequel to the 2014 monster hit Godzilla (2014). In parallel, the King Kong film, Kong : The Skull Island, in 2017. Warner Bros was planning to release its monster universe in 2020 but due to the pandemic situation last year, it got postponed to 2021.

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