Full To Mazaa– Hilarious SoKhil Combo, Viewers Says ‘The Best Episode Till Date’: Day 81, Ep. 82, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Full To Mazaa– SoKhil Combo Was Hilarious, Viewers Says ‘The Best Episode Till Date’: Day 81, Ep. 82, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights
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Episode 82 starts with Monal explaining the thing felt about Abijeet to Harika, and the Mirchi Kaanti Kurrodu song plays, contestants dancing their heart out especially Sohel was adorable. The notice confirms that housemates have to choose one who will laugh and roam in the garden area. So he is Avinash!

Morning! Post dancing session, Sohel saying ‘Good Morning’ loudly to his ex-housemates. Akhil is upset, while Ariyana and Avinash asking him what happened? Abijeet explaining to Ariyana how Lady contestant graph is growing day by day. Then where Bigg Boss announces “Abijeet talk in english” and the devil says to stand upside down – head down, legs up. Other housemates reading out the letters in Telugu and Abijeet is repeating them. The cute moment was when Ariyana sounds in a kid’s voice.

Next Sohel, Avinash, Ariyana have to act like ghosts and housemates can throw away their three bones of body parts, so they will turn into humans. So humans succeed to get them out from being ghost.

And the real fun begins, Bigg Boss played a horror movie “12 vasthulu”. As soon as devil will call out one name they have to enter into confession room and find spoons then they have to come out. First is Ariyana, due a head fear Avinash goes with her. She was screaming, and we (audience) & other housemates were enjoying! As Sohel move his feets while he is happy due to Ariyana is scared. Movie stops next is Monal, she daringly enters the room but standing at door itself. But devil is continuously calling out her name and Monal says, “why are you screaming? I am here only”. Contestants enjoying as she went in a build-up but scared inside.

Lastly we have the hilarious combo – Sohel & Akhil. The one who went daringly shouting “yes coming, coming”, “the story will be next level”, “we are not scared”. But when the payal sound started coming the fear in them wakeup and we (audience) were enjoying a lot. Not only that they were present in the room for the maximum time and definitely made us laugh out loud!

‘Haunted BB house? No the best episode till date with many hilarious scenes,’ says the viewers.

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