From Jai-Veeru To Rahul-Anjali, Friendships Day Is Incomplete Without THESE Reel Bonds!!


From the iconic Rahul-Anjali to the swag of Moeen-Murad from Gully Boy, here’s to those reel friendship bonds that are goals in REAL!

Bollywood has given us numerous GOALS when it comes to friendships! And, on this very special day, we can’t celebrate without remembering these very reel bonds that have paved the definition of friendships for us in real!

Well, taking it up from Sholay‘s Jai-Veeru to KKHH‘s Rahul-Anjali, moving onto Gully Boys and Sanju! Here’s the countdown of THESE fantastic jodis:

1) Jai-Veeru: the iconic ‘yeh dosti hum nahi todenge..’ because we’d rather die than leave the very person who completes us in madness, happiness and sadness!

2) Rahul-Anjali: typical, cliche yet TRUE that, friends don’t look for gender! They look for abundance of love to give and take, they look for understanding without words, believing in each other more than themselves! Rahul-Anjali have given us every goal there is to have the most perfect Bffs! And, yet again we shall Love is all about true Friendship!

3) Alizeh-Ayan: through love, through heartbreak and through separation yet never quite apart! Alizeh-Ayan are THAT bond which really tells just how beautiful and never-ending friendship is, it is our whole world, just like Alizeh was for Ayan!

4) Sanju-Kamlesh: a bond none can and shall forget anytime soon! Well, we are still here to remind you that it isn’t only reel but real as well! Sanju and Kamlesh is THAT bond which stands and growls in the face of danger for each other! A bond that’s as strong as a rock!


5) Rani-Vijaylaxmi: making our Queen aka Rani turn into a butterfly- from listening to her never-ending problems to teaching her how to love herself and appreciate the world around her. Rani-Vijaylaxmi truly make for one beautiful bond of girl bonds! I wish, each Rani has a BFF like Vijaylaxmi to look out for them! After all, Bffs are and, should be uplifting!


6) MC Sher-Murad-Moeen: a bond that teaches, learns and grows! As much as Murad was all shiny-eyed about MC Sher, there’s no doubt that MC Sher loved Murad, even as the latter couldn’t win the battle to his dream, he supported and cheered for his Bff ‘Bohot Hardt!’ That’s what Bffs are, they never let you go down alone, and you’re always their no. 1!


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7) Aditi-Naina: without Aditi, Naina would’ve always been lonely and frustrated. After all, Naina felt she needed to change her lifestyle only after meeting Aditi! However, Naina had quite the similar effect on her, and Aditi never let go of her friends- may it be studious-chashmish Naina, too-far-away Bunny or the high-playboy Avi, she is what kept the whole gang together! Well, Bffs are supposed to be like glue to each other, don’t you think!?

8) Sonu-Titu: how can one ever forget the awesome bond between Sonu and his Titu! The two came in a pair, their bromance was something out of the ordinary, so much so, that nothing was more important than their love for each other! That’s the kind of unconditional love that two Bffs have for each other, no one has the right to take away that bond, they’re platonic soulmates for real!

That’s what our bffs are to us! Our heartbreak, our love, our peace, our madness, our world, our dreams, our hero and the very glue keeping us together at times! They are there to share each and every moment like a family we never had, but have been blessed with, so here’s to THAT friendship! Let’s cherish it and celebrate it this day and forever!

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