From Harry Potter To It’s Pennywise, If Villains Instigate You More Than The Heroes, Here’s A Perfect Binge Watch List Of Movies And Series


Every good movie has a villain, some antagonists trying to keep our heroes from achieving greatness or just surviving. Villains can be straight out of our worst nightmares. The serial killers and monsters who only plague our minds as we are trying to go to sleep and the ones who stay with you long after the credits roll. A great villain can make you love or at least respect them, even while actively rooting for their defeat. But why should only the protagonists have all the love? We have some of the greatest villains of all times and everyone has a favorite villain, isn’t it? Well, let’s celebrate the villains of all times starting with the one in Lincoln Rhyme – Hunt of the Bone Collector only on SonyLIV

  1. The Bone Collector – Lincoln Rhyme: The Bone Collector

When a serial killer series reveals the secret identity of the killer, the response should be one of shock and astonishment which The Bone Collector does garner. He is a serial killer that Lincoln Rhyme had attempted to capture, but this leads to Rhyme’s accident which left him paralyzed. Three years later, the Bone Collector presumably resumes his killing spree and the chase hunt begins. “Can you hear me? I hope you can. I want you to hear the sound of you is just not smart enough, just too late.” These words will always echo whenever you discuss the greatest of villains. Excited, aren’t you? Tune in to SonyLIV to watch the series.

  1. Joker – The Dark Knight

One of Batman’s many enemies but the most popular of them all, The Joker has been popular in almost any version. Posthumously awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Ledger perfectly embodies the lunacy of Gotham’s most gleeful villain, the Joker. He died more than a year before he could receive his award, but his performance remains the pinnacle of villain madness.

  1. Pennywise– It

The premise of Stephen King’s instant classic novel ‘IT’ is that clowns are secretly terrifying. Not only is Pennywise the personification of child fear, but also bigotry and hate, with the number of historical atrocities his presence has inspired in the town of Derry, Maine. The evil creature that awakes every twenty-seven years was brilliantly portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, who even scared some of the child actors on set while filming the movie.

  1. Michael MyersThe Halloween Series

The shape. The silent killer. The psychopath with some serious family issues. That iconic white mask is a perfect fit, since, like Myers himself, it is a blank canvas devoid of emotion. The escaped mental patient who murdered his older sister when he was only 6- years old does not speak or show any signs of humanity. And, creepiest of all, he does not even have a legitimate motive for the killing. It is just what he does. So many of his horror contemporaries, his impact has been diluted through the years, but in his original form, he can still strike terror into the hardest heart.

  1. Voldemort Harry Potter series

What made Voldemort so loved is that, through the books and the films, we see him as a product of terrible circumstances. Born into a loveless world, he was warped by what he saw and became what he was. More akin to a white supremacist, Voldemort believed utterly in what he was doing and inspired fear and fanaticism wherever he went. Ralph Fiennes’ growling, measured voice, and presence made for an unsettling villain. Watch the Harry Potter series only on Sony PIX

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