For Her Role In 'Bisaat' Sandeepa Dhar underwent extensive preparation!

For Her Role In ‘Bisaat’ Sandeepa Dhar underwent extensive preparation!

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The trailer of the psychological thriller ‘Bisaat’ released today, while talking about this, Sandeepa Dhar shared about the emotionally exhaustive and extensive preparation she underwent for the show.

The talented and marvelous Sandeepa Dhar embarks on yet another journey with yet another interesting story with Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Bisaat’. In this show, Sandeepa will be portraying the role of a psychiatrist Kiyana Verma, who is a modern, confident, and contemporary professional woman with a strong foundation.

Sandeepa is portraying the role of a psychiatrist for the first time, because of which she had prepare extensively for the character to understand the medical jargons, their behavior, how they operate with patients, the sessions, the demeanor, body language, functioning, etc.

While talking about this Sandeepa said, “I spent a month and a half, meeting different psychiatrists, understanding the medical terms, jargons, their lifestyle in both personal and professional lives, etc. “

Sandeepa is more lively, bubbly, and active in personal whereas in the show she had to portray a character exactly the opposite of this, as Kiyana is a much more composed, grounded, and intense personality.

Sharing more details about the same, Sandeepa said, “The character is very complex and layered personality, she has her own baggage, a troubled marriage which she is trying to sort, she also her certain professional difficulties to deal with. She is the epitome of the modern contemporary woman who is trying to balance her career and professional life.”

Revealing the impact of shooting for the show, Sandeepa shares, “It was very intense shooting for Bisaat because it was emotionally draining. We shot the show for 50 days and those 50 days have been amongst the most emotionally exhausting days of my life. However, as an actor, it’s been very satisfying, because each day I would come back home, although I would be emotionally and physically tired, but I would feel happy about the fact that I gave it my all and I felt what I had to feel at that moment.”

Revolving around a murder, the psychological thriller ‘Bisaat’ also stars Omkaar Kapoor in the lead. Written and directed by Vikram Bhatt, the series is set to premiere soon on MX Player.

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