As The Festive Season Begins With Ganesh Chaturthi, Here's The List Of Do's And Don't You Should Follow While Bringing Ganpati Home!

Festivals:: The festive season has began in India with Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganpati Bappa has arrived to spread happiness among people. The 10 days celebration of Ganesh Utsav begins from September 19 to September 28.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

The festive season has begin in India with Ganesh Chaurthi. It is one of the biggest Indian festival, where his devotees celebrate and worship Lord Ganesh for 10 days. In this festival Lord Ganesh's birth is celebrated. Ganpati Bappa has come back home for this year to spread happiness and joy among people for next 10 days, the celebration has begain from September 19 and it will go on till September 28.


Ganesh Chaturthi is largely celebrated in Maharasthra it is one of their most important and biggest festival of the state. The other states where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated are Madhya Pradesh, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Lord Ganesh is all refered as "Vighnaharta" the one who removes all the obstacles from people's life. There are many devotees of 'Vighnaharta' who brings the idol of Lord Ganesh to their home and celebrates the festive with their familes and loved ones. The idol of Lord Ganesh is immerse in water at the end of the festive the process is known as visarjan. 

 List of Do's and Don't if you are bringing Ganpati Bappa:

Lord Ganesh brings abundence of joy with him, the 10 days celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi begins from September 18 to September 28. If you are planning to bring Ganpati Bappa at your home, here are the list of things you should follow and shoul avoid. 



  • Most of the people nowdays celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with eco-friendly Ganpati Bappa. Many devotess of Bappa make their own idols of lord Ganesh with eco-friendly clays and materials. If you are among those people who are making their own idol of Lord Ganesh make sure your Bappa has his 'mukut' or crown. Ganpati Bappa is incomplete without his mukut/crown which resembles luck and fortune. So you must not forget to add mukut to the idol. 
  • The idol of lord Ganesh should always be in a sitting position. Whether, you are buying it or you are making the idol make sure that the idol of lord Ganesh should always be accompanied by his companion mouse or musak and it should always have few modaks with it. It said that it brings positivity and good energy in the house.
  • Whenever, you welcome Lord Ganesh's idol make sure his face is covered with red chunari or with any oher fresh cloth. And you should open it right before the puja. 
  • While doing lord Ganesha's "sthapana' or placcing him at his 'istahn' where he will be worshiped, you should place him in either east, west or north-east direction. This directions are propitious positions for placing god's idol. 
  • You should always welcome Lord Ganesh's idol with doing his puja and with bells, shankh and dhupkatis..
  • If you are planning to bring Lord Ganesha's idol you should welcome him for 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 days. These are the idol number of days for which you can keep the idol of baapa, after which you can do his visarjan. 


  • The idol of Lord Ganesha's trunk should always be postioned at left, it indicates success and positivity and if it's placed towards right it's considered as a bad sign as it brings diifcult times. 
  • If you are welcomming Ganpati Bappa at your home make sure you always accompany him. Lord Ganesha should never be left unattended. You should give your all time and attention to him for the days you have brought Ganpati Bappa.
  • You should never immerse or do the visarjan of Lord Ganesha's idol in water without aarti and puja. You should bid him goodbye in the same manner as you have welcomed him.
  • If you are celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi makes sure you don not eat non-veg, garlic and onion till the time Ganpati Bappa is at your home. You should eat satvic food and you must offer the same food to Lord Ganesh first. 
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