Featuring small businesses: From designers to businesswomen; The inspiring tale of ‘Chokhaa’ owners

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If You all love customized beautiful footwear. So, this piece of write up is surely for you!
Two beautiful sisters from Ajmer, Rajasthan have come up with their brand of customizing footwear named ‘Chokhaa’. Their love for art and colors and passion to create something unique and quirky originated Chokhaa.
Pop Diaries exclusively conversed with the founders of Chokhaa and asked them about their experiences and the USP of the brand.

The duo however did not have any prior knowledge of any business-related connotations nor they possessed any specialization in the field of footwear, then asking how the idea of launching a women’s footwear brand popped up, to which they said, “We always wanted to do something of our own. We both are very from the creative field as well. Like she was a fashion designer and I was an interior designer. We had this creative instance. We had a lot of love for craft and colour. We wanted to create something unique and quirky which is not available in the market. So, that’s how the idea popped up like why not create something to fill the gap.”

‘Chokhaa’ sells women footwear as well as men but majorly it’s women centric . So, we asked them why women majorly? and the duo answered, “Because women always want footwear and their love for footwear is endless. And we always loved buying footwear, we had a huge floor full of footwear. Our dad always used to say ‘Itne Joote chappal Aap logone ikkathe karke rakhe hai, Ek dukan khol lo’ (you have so many shoes, open a store). And the
problem was there is a huge demand for such products in the market A plethora of people like customized and quirky stuff, you can get them according to the occasions and in the big sizes as well which is comfortable and in the budget. So, when we used to go to the market in Ajmer, unfortunately we didn’t had many options. So, we thought why not create something available for everybody where they can customise also, which can create a sense of belongingness and puts and end to the size issue. We are the ones who gave them extra sizes without extra charges and which is a very different, out-of-the-box thing. So, it was like what they will like, their comfort and everything. So, that’s why we chose women’s footwear.”

Chokhaa is a relaunched name of the brand previously it was ‘Foot Gossip’ so we asked them the reason behind the change of the name, to which they explained “Because we belong from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a cultural and traditional place. We are also very traditional. So we wanted something which connects us and we want people to connect us through a name. The work ‘Chokhaa’ signifies beauty and purity, which our brand signifies too. So we wanted to have something fresh and something new with the new name.”

Every business goes through ups and downs, asking about Chokhaa’s difficulties they went on to tell, “That was in 16th-17th when we were not that much aware, the market trends and businesses were changing. We did not have good guidance, we are from a very small city, Ajmer. We didn’t know how to pull it off. We were at a lack of resources and guidance. Everything was getting digitalized very soon. And by the time we realized that we were out of orders. So, 16-17 was our lowest phase. So, then we took our own sweet time we had a thorough market sum, and now the world is suddenly on Instagram. So, we launched our brand and emphasized its promotion digitally, we had a great set of parents and friends so they motivated us that we can get through it again. So, that’s how we gathered the courage and we overcame that phase.”

“It is a quirky, customized product. Which gives the sense of belonging to everybody. When you order a pair it is especially for you. So we customize it in terms of colour design and everything. So, this is the USP that everyone gets their customized pair with a touch of belonging”, the sisters disclosed the USP of the brand.

Asking about Is E-Business a boon or a curse as the trend of negative branding and also the clutter on the internet is a very problematic situation, they went on to explain, “It’s a boon. Getting digitalized was the best thing we could do. Because this directly connects us with the customers. Their likes and dislikes. We can reach out of the country. Being on the internet is good but yes there is much clutter and negative branding. Two sides of coins are very much prevalent here. There are times we were getting copied. We are more focused on creating new things and giving new things to people. We want to deliver our best to the customers and our customers are so good and so loyal to us that they inspire us, and we work harder to give them the best.”

Sometimes being a woman entrepreneur raises a lot of problems.
So, we asked the duo about any kind of setbacks they ever received, and the duo said, “Noo. We are very blessed and lucky that we didn’t face any partiality. Even the family, friends and even customers. As a woman, we felt motivated and we are privileged that we are carrying it forward so well and people are just appreciating and it makes a way for us to move forward. Some people will pull you down but if you know how to avoid and overcome that then you are game. But there are also people motivating you and pushing you towards your goals, so let’s focus on that. In every sector, women are working very well. Luckily, we are blessed with the certain surrounding that motivates us. “

Last but not the least, the duo gave suggestions for the budding entrepreneurs who are willing to step into the business world, they said “Go for it. Follow your heart. But please carry your brain too. And you should have that sense that I have to do it. One should be consistent and should not give up. He should have in mind that we have to do it. By hook or crook, I have to do it. Give your blood and sweat. If you are willing to do that, put in hard work. We have invested our days and nights, we have researched and we have done every single thing. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but if you just follow your heart, it will take you to the right place. You have to put your soul in it. This is how you succeed”, the pair signed off

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